The Stone of Jordan

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The Stone of jordan ring, mostly refered to as "soj" is likely to be the most classic item in diablo. The ring has an iconic status and has since the release of the game been considered as high-end gear, and is still considered so in the days of patch 1.12.

The ring has a very intresting history over the years, it has not only been a very good item to use, it has also for a long period being considered as the main "currency" of diablo II, and it was very common to collect this item in big amounts. Today it has lost its currencystatus, most probably because of the enhanced significance of "runewords" when patch 1.10 was released, this led to an massive increase of the demand of highrunes, though at first they existed paralelly because highrunes was to much worth and hard to use in practice, but later duping solved that "problem" so highrunes today could be considered the main value on play.


Required Level: 29 +1 To All Skills Increase Maximum Mana 25%* Adds 1-12 Lightning Damage +20 To Mana (Spawns In Any Patch)

The item is unique and the droprate is extremely small, which makes it one of the harder items to find in the game.