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Sword of the Stranger

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Sword of the Stranger
Sword of the Stranger.png
Quest StartDeckard Cain
Quest EndDeckard Cain
Quest Objectives

  1. Go to the Fields of Misery
  2. Search for the Khazra Den in the Fields of Misery
  3. Find the Glowing Sword Shard in the Khazra Den
  4. Kill the cultist surrounding the Glowing Sword Shard
  5. Take the Glowing Sword Shard
  6. Take the sword piece back to Cain

Sword of the Stranger is the fifth quest of Act 1.

Quest Rewards

  • 4225 XP
  • 1940 Gold.png


Deckard Cain Portrait.pngDeckard Cain
Tell me everything you remember, stranger. Every detail.
The Stranger Portrait.pngThe Stranger
Falling... fire... a sword of great power. It was... part of me, but it shattered into three pieces as i fell.
Deckard Cain Portrait.pngDeckard Cain
It is vital that we find those pieces. I belive the sword made whole will restore your memory.
Leah Portrait.pngLeah
The goatmen are rampaging through the fields. Could the sword have anything to do with that?
Deckard Cain Portrait.pngDeckard Cain
Of course! Just as the dead rose around the Stranger, the sword pieces drove the goatmen to madness.
Barbarian Portrait.pngBarbarian
I will hunt the goatmen; the sword will be in their midst.
Crusader Portrait.pngCrusader
All goatmen are mad; they don't need a sword for that. But I will search their fields.
Demon Hunter Portrait.pngDemon Hunter
Then I will slay them and return the sword to you.

Go to the Fields of Misery

Search for the Khazra Den in the Fields of Misery

Find the Glowing Sword Shard in the Khazra Den

Kill the cultist surrounding the Glowing Sword Shard


  • 2275 XP
  • 1110 Gold.png

Maghda Portrait.pngMaghda
Who are you to take what is mine?
Barbarian Portrait.pngBarbarian
I take the sword to its owner.
Crusader Portrait.pngCrusader
I am a crusader.
Demon Hunter Portrait.pngDemon Hunter
You are not the owner of this sword.
Maghda Portrait.pngMaghda
Regardless. I have claimed it. I am Maghda, and I lead this coven- The Shard... is mine.
Barbarian Portrait.pngBarbarian
To Hell with you, witch.
Crusader Portrait.pngCrusader
I disagree
Demon Hunter Portrait.pngDemon Hunter
To hell with you, witch.

Take the Glowing Sword Shard

Take the sword piece back to Cain


  • 1950 XP
  • 830 Gold.png

Barbarian Portrait.pngBarbarian
A witch named Maghda and her followers also seek the sword. I had to wrest the first piece from their grasp.
Crusader Portrait.pngCrusader
Here is a piece af the sword. It was held by a witch and her coven.
Demon Hunter Portrait.pngDemon Hunter
I have the sword piece, but a woman named Maghda and her minions tried to wrest it from me.
Witch Doctor Portrait.pngWitch Doctor
The sword was in the possession of dark ones under the will of a woman named Maghda.
Monk Portrait.pngMonk
The witch Maghda and those who serve her also seek the sword.
Wizard Portrait.pngWizard
We are not the only ones seeking the sword. I had to take the first piece from a witch named Maghda and her crazed minions.
Leah Portrait.pngLeah
Uncle Deckard, they sound like those dark cultists you told me about.
Deckard Cain Portrait.pngDeckard Cain
Very good, Leah. You have been paying attention. Stranger, does any of this jar your memory?
The Stranger Portrait.pngThe Stranger
I have no memory of this coven... but I sense a far darker shadow guiding its hand.
Unknown Portrait.pngReward
Magic or Rare