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Ruined Temple (Diablo II)

The Ruined Temple is a dungeon found in the Kurast Bazaar, Act III, Diablo II. Lam Esen's Tome can be found inside.

Ruined Temple
Ruined Temple 3 (Diablo II).jpg
Act Act III
Waypoint (Kurast Bazaar)
Golden Chest None
Super Unique Battlemaid Sarina
Quests Lam Esen's Tome
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Music Kurast Sewers
Area Level
Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 1 23 53 84
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Level 3 {{{Level3}}} {{{Level3N}}} {{{Level3H}}}
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Relative Area Size
Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 1 1 1 1
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Level 3 {{{Size3}}} {{{Size3N}}} {{{Size3H}}}
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It is the only of the abandoned temples in Kurast to come in three different variations: all others only have two.


Monster Immunity Additional
Normal Nightmare Hell
Flesh Hunter
- - Cold
Spider Magi
- - Fire
Night Lord
- - Cold
Wailing Beast
- - Magic
Battlemaid Sarina
- - Cold
Super Unique


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