Reign of the Black King

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Beta Info Dfans.png This article relates to the Beta releases of Diablo III. Information may change during development and release of the game.

Reign of the Black King
Reign of the Black King.png
Act 1
Type Storyline quest
Quest Start Deckard Cain
Quest End Deckard Cain
Quest Objectives

  1. Use the New Tristram Waypoint to return to the Cathedral Garden
  2. Enter Leoric's Passage
  3. Go to the Cathedral Level 2 through the Ornate Door
  4. Descend through the Cathedral
  5. Give aid to the Warrior
  6. Find the Warrior's Stolen Items
  7. Find and Kill Jondar
  8. Join the Templar
  9. Search for the Royal Crypts
  10. Find the Crypt of the Skeleton King
  11. Enter the Crypt of the Skeleton King
  12. Kill the Returned
  13. Place Leoric's crown on the Skeleton King
  14. Kill the Skeleton King

In the quest Reign of the Black King, players face their first boss encounter of Diablo III and are introduced to their first follower. This quest returns players back to the Cathedral depths and ultimately into the Royal Crypts where the Skeleton King rests.

Total Rewards

  • 5,250 XP
  • 840 Gold.png

Quest Start

How might I use the crown to reach the Skeleton King?Barbarian Portrait.png
I have the crown. Where is the Skeleton King?Demon Hunter Portrait.png
The crown is in my keeping. Direct me now to the lost king.Monk Portrait.png
I have the crown. How do I reach the Skeleton King?Witch Doctor Portrait.png
Deckard Cain Portrait.png
Deckard Cain
At last. With it, you can unlock the sealed door in the room where you rescued me and enter the royal crypts. When you find the Skeleton King, place the crown atop his head... and destroy him.
When he is destroyed, I shall finally reach the star.Barbarian Portrait.png
The Skeleton King lies at the heart of the imbalance in this land. I will end his reign and find the fallen star.Demon Hunter Portrait.png
The Skeleton King's sickness infects this land. I will put an end to it and find the star.Monk Portrait.png
The Skeleton King dies today. I must find the fallen star.Witch Doctor Portrait.png


Use the New Tristram Waypoint to return to the Cathedral Garden

Enter Leoric's Passage

Go to the Cathedral Level 2 through the Ornate Door

Descend through the Cathedral

Give aid to the Warrior

Dark Cultist
Ave, magistros. Ave, registrus. Ave, leodastus. Ave mendaxas. Illius animos. Illius vellenas. Illius fortens.
Maintain you incantations! He will soon turn...
Warrior (Templar) Portrait.png
Warrior (Templar)
Your magic is weakening...
I am free!
Now back to my mission.
Warrior (Templar) Portrait.png
Warrior (Templar)
You will know soon enough. Help me find my gear, I will reward you well.
Warrior (Templar) Portrait.png
Warrior (Templar)
Tell me, what brought you to this infernal place?
I must kill the Skeleton King.Barbarian Portrait.png
I must destroy the Skeleton King.Demon Hunter Portrait.png
I go to face the Skeleton King.Monk Portrait.png
I have unfinished business with the Skeleton King.Witch Doctor Portrait.png
Warrior (Templar) Portrait.png
Warrior (Templar)
Then our aims align. / As do I.
Warrior (Templar) Portrait.png
Warrior (Templar)
The cultists dragged me past this glowing pit. What made it?
I will know soon.Barbarian Portrait.png
I've come here to find out.Demon Hunter Portrait.png
I wish to know this as well.Monk Portrait.png
That's what I'm here to find out.Witch Doctor Portrait.png

Find the Warrior's Stolen Items

Templar Portrait.png
I am Kormac, warrior of the templar order. If it is the Skeleton King you seek, then you will have to fight your way past Jondar. There is no reason we should hunt alone.
I often prefer to be alone. But I will make an exception for you...Barbarian Portrait.png
Agreed. Let us fight together.Demon Hunter Portrait.png
No, there is not.Monk Portrait.png
I suppose not. A strong spear at my side could prove helpful.Witch Doctor Portrait.png
Templar Portrait.png
Black magic bars our way...
But the will of a templar is stronger.

Find and Kill Jondar

Templar Portrait.png
You were a templar, Jondar! How could you succumb to this Coven?
Jondar Portrait.png
The Coven is my brotherhood now, Kormac! The powers we serve will soon rule this world!
Jondar Portrait.png
Please forgive me. My vision was clouded by the Coven's evil magic.
Templar Portrait.png
Betrayal can never be forgiven.

Join the Templar

  • (Prompt to continue with the Templar as a follower)
Templar Portrait.png
Thank you for your aid. I will go with you on your hunt for the Skeleton King, but there is one condition.
If we find the sacred tomes of my order, they are mine.
Very well. I have no need of books.Barbarian Portrait.png
Your books have no worth to me. They are yours.Demon Hunter Portrait.png
That is agreeable. Though I wouldn't mind taking a look at them...Witch Doctor Portrait.png

Search for the Royal Crypts

Find the Crypt of the Skeleton King

Enter the Crypt of the Skeleton King

Kill the Returned

Place Leoric's crown on the Skeleton King

  • Activate the Skeleton King.

Kill the Skeleton King