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Lost City (Diablo II)

The Lost City is the fourth desert area in Act II, but unlike the previous areas it is filled with destroyed buildings. When the player first enters this region, The Tainted Sun quest starts after 15 seconds, darkening the overworld into a night darker than normally. To remove this the player must complete said quest.

Lost City
Act Act II
Waypoint Yes
Golden Chest No
Super Unique Dark Elder
Quests None
NPCs {{{NPCs}}}
Music Desert
Area Level
Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 1 17 46 77
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Level 3 {{{Level3}}} {{{Level3N}}} {{{Level3H}}}
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Relative Area Size
Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 1 1 1 1
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Level 3 {{{Size3}}} {{{Size3N}}} {{{Size3H}}}
Level 4 {{{Size4}}} {{{Size4N}}} {{{Size4H}}}
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The Ancient Tunnels lie in this region, which appears to have been the sewer system of whatever town lay here before.


Monster Immunity Additional
Normal Nightmare Hell
- - Cold
Night Slinger
- - -
Night Tiger
- - Lightning
Plague Bearer
- - Magic
Tomb Creeper
- - Fire
Dark Elder
- - Magic
Super Unique

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