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: Template to use: [[Template:Affix List (Diablo II)]]
: Template to use: [[Template:Affix List (Diablo II)]]
: Example template: [[Template:Axe Affixes (Diablo II)]]
: Example template: [[Template:Axe Affixes (Diablo II)]]
=== Monsters ===
* Split up lore pages that have monster statistics into two separate pages, one specifically for lore and one for in-game mechanics (4 remaining).
: Example page: [[Diablo]] (lore article) and [[Diablo (Diablo II)]] (in-game article).
: Pages that need to be split up: [[Baal]], [[Mephisto]], [[Andariel]], [[Duriel]],
=== Game Mechanics ===
=== Game Mechanics ===
* Create a page that explains how Treasureclasses work at [[Treasure Classes (Diablo II)]].
* Create a page that explains how Treasureclasses work at [[Treasure Classes (Diablo II)]].
* Finish the [[Area Size (Diablo II)]] page.
* Finish the [[Area Size (Diablo II)]] page (add info on overworld?).
== Diablo I ==
== Diablo I ==

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This is a comprehensive list of all things that need to be done in the wiki. Entries will be sorted by section and current status. As pages are created and expanded this page should be updated to reflect said changes accordingly.

Please note that this list is not exclusive. It will only list pages which are in dire need of additional content and/or formatting. Pages which are not listed here can still be improved upon.

Stub Articles

Diablo III

Game Guides

  • Work in player guides into sections for classes, bosses, and difficulties. Also for making gold or farming.


  • Major update required - template needed for list display.

Game mechanics

  • Continue to update game information based on blue posts and news


Class and Follower pages

  • Verify content is up-to-date
  • Add preview videos to Follower pages

Skill pages

  • Correct skill categorization
  • Include missing skills
  • Update any broken redirects to runed skills for pages that have had their skills renamed
  • Navboxes for skills need to updated to correct skills and order

Item pages

  • Items need their content updated:
    • Properties for crafted items
    • Recipes, commodities, items

(verify against May 14th Game Guide update)

  • All Data:Items/(Journals) need to be of type Journal for correct categorization to kick in

Quest pages

  • Update documentation for quest-related templates
  • Include a "<- Previous" and "Next ->" quest nav in the infobox

Monster pages

  • Major revisions and updates required:
    • Data for location, level, type, etc..
    • Crossrefs to unique versions
    • descriptions
  • Navbox needs to updated


  • Establish a standard for naming conflicting skills/runed skills/items

Diablo II


  • Add affix lists to all normal item pages (30 remaining).
A complete list of all affixes to use can be found at Affixes.
Example page: Axes
Template to use: Template:Affix List (Diablo II)
Example template: Template:Axe Affixes (Diablo II)

Game Mechanics

Diablo I


  • Reformat the class pages (3 remaining)
Example page: Sorcerer (Diablo I)
Pages that need to be reworked: Monk, Barbarian, Bard.



  • Upload images for all unique monsters and Hellfire normal monsters.
Pages that need images: Category:Diablo I Unique Monsters


  • Finish all area pages
Example page: Cathedral
Pages that need to be created: Nest, Crypt