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* [[Panda-Monium]]
* [[Panda-Monium]]
* [[Queen of the Damned]]
* [[Queen of the Damned]]
* [[Take a Look at Banner]]

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Achievements are a set of made up goals designed to mark the progress of a player through the game or provide extra challenges. The rewards from achievements in Diablo 3 are purely cosmetic, allowing players to show off their accomplishments to other players. Achievements also affect the appearance of the player's Banner with various decorative options being unlocked per achievement.[1] The achievements menu can be accessed from the shield icon.



General General: Conversations General: Exploration


Campaign Campaign: Act I Campaign: Act II Campaign: Act III Campaign: Act IV


Cooperative Cooperative: Act I Cooperative: Act II Cooperative: Act III Cooperative: Act IV


Hardcore Hardcore: Act I Hardcore: Act II Hardcore: Act III Hardcore: Act IV


Classes Classes: Barbarian Classes: Demon Hunter Classes: Monk Classes: Witch Doctor Classes: Wizard


Challenges Challenges: Act I Challenges: Act II Challenges: Act III Challenges: Act IV


Crafting Crafting: Blacksmith Crafting: Jeweler

Feat of Strength

Feat of Strength

Beta Achievements

Main article: Beta Achievements

XP Bonuses

Destruction achievement.png

Some achievements grant an immediate bonus to experience and will always trigger if the minimum number is reached. The amount of experience granted scales with the magnitude of consecutive things killed or destroyed:

  • Destruction: Destroyed X objects (min 6)
  • Massacre: X monsters killed (min 10)
  • Mighty Blow: X killed with one blow (min 6)
  • Pulverized: X monsters killed by the dungeon (min 3)
  • Survival: Down to X% health and survived! (min 10%)

(bonuses that require monsters to be killed only grant XP if the monsters would normally give XP. Eg: monsters that infinitely spawn or monsters that were indirectly killed without being "tagged", do not give XP)