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Zombies have been in both Diablo games, and have appeared in several screenshots and gameplay videos for the upcoming game, Diablo 3.

Diablo 1

In Diablo 1, the zombies were a mere nuisance. Their more powerful counterparts however, could deal out a significant amount of damage to a careless player.

Type Resistance Immunity Experience Given Level Hit Points Damage Armor Class
Zombie None Magic 54 1-2 4-7 2-5 5
Ghoul None Magic 58 2-3 7-11 3-10 10
Rotting Carcass None Magic 136 2-4 7-12 5-15 15
Black Death None Magic 240 3-5 12-20 6-22 20

Not mentioned in the handbook, is the speed of the zombie. They are a very slow enemy, and many players would often ignore them until all the other faster monsters were dead. They would then double back, and search for zombies that they missed in the fray.

They also tend to appear in swarms, and if you aren't careful when battling them, you run the risk of being surrounded.

Diablo 2

The zombies in Diablo 2 behaved much like those in Diablo 1, they were slow, easily taken care of, but could easily dispatch you if you got careless.

Diablo 3

Not much information has been released about the zombies in Diablo 3, but from watching the gameplay, several things can be found out. First, it appears that the zombies behave much like they did in the previous 2 games. Secondly, it appeares that a new mechanic has been added, zomnbies can be seen being cleaved in two, and then the torso can be seen clawing it's way towards the character.