Zhar the Mad (Diablo I)

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Zhar the Mad is a crazed mage who resides somewhere on the final level of the Catacombs. His chamber contains several stands that can hold either a scroll or a book, and a bookshelf. At first he appears to be a non-hostile npc who simply instructs the player to leave him alone. However, should the player touch the bookshelf, Zhar will attack.

Unlike his Councelor basemonster, he attacks with the more powerful Fire Balls instead of Fire Bolts. Other than that he fight in much the same manner, teleporting around the room.

Difficulty Level Health (Diablo/Hellfire) Damage AC To Hit Exp Resistances Location
Single Multi F L M
Zhar the Mad
File:Zhar the Mad (Diablo I).gif
Normal 16 360 16-40 0 90 3876 75 75 100 Catacombs 8
Nightmare 31 1081/1180 36-84 50 175 9752
Hell 46 1443/1640 70-166 80 210 19504