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Wretched Mother

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Wretched Mother

The Wretched mothers were once normal women, but in death they serve a dark purpose. These horrors feast upon the remains of cadavers, then use foul magic to regurgitate the bodies as newly formed risen dead. One must slay the mother quickly or her nightmarish spawn will continue to grow in number.

Deckard Cain

The Wretched Mothers were once the handmaidens of Leoric's queen Asylla, risen from their graves when Tyrael fell from the Heavens. They resemble shambling, rotting female cadavers and have the ability to vomit forth more zombies. This typically makes the Wretched Mothers a high priority target, as a group of these creatures are quite capable of creating a veritable army of the unquiet dead by themselves. The Wretched Mothers also have a somewhat fast moving ranged attack which they use to attack players from a distance while in relative safety behind the Risen they unvariably find themselves surrounded by.

The Wretched Mothers are some of the first monsters encountered in Diablo III, and have a number of subtypes (such as the Retching Cadaver) that appear throughout the game. Each tier above the base monster are able to create an increasing number of zombies each time they vomit.


  • Summon Risen Dead
  • Ranged attack (preferred)
  • Melee attack



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Retching CadaverUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Spewing Horror{{{norm_lvl2}}}{{{nm_lvl2}}}{{{hell_lvl2}}}{{{inf_lvl2}}}
Regurgitates Decayer
Regurgitates Decayer



Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes

Mira Eamon.png

Mira Eamon Wife of Haedrig

Wretched Mother

Part of A Shattered Crown quest.

Related Achievements:

Mother Rathe.jpg

Mother Rathe Defiled Matriarch

Spewing Horror

Part of The Family of Rathe event.

Wretched Queen.png

Wretched Queen First Handmaiden of the Queen

Wretched Mother

Part of The Fallen Star quest.


Teffeney Mistress of Tasks

Retching Cadaver