Whirlwind Barb by Thundarius

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Whirlwind Barb
Game Diablo II
Class Barbarian
Primary Attack Whirlwind
Can Solo Hell? Yes
Creator Thundarius

Godly ww barbs. I've been playing these guys since the game came out. First decide if you wanna be a BvB barb, a BvC barb, or a BvE barb. BvB= barb vs barb, BvC= barb vs caster, BvE = barb vs everything/ environment.

Playing a barbarian for pvp purposes is harder than you think. A) You need almost perfect gear to build up as much health as possible (around 5-6k) B) When fighting different classes, almost everytime you will change out 1-2 pieces of gear. C) When fighting different classes, you will also have to change your playstyle.

Gear: armor: A)Ebugged Fort- 300% ed and 2000 def great armor, ctc frosen armor and alot of life B)Enigma - used for BvC, learn how to namelock, and its pretty much gg... helm: eth zoded arreats.. resist leach str ammy: gale shell. +2 skills dual leach vit and resists shield: SS, put 40/15 ais in it. (btw, only use a shield if ur fighitng against another barb, fc java zon, and some pallys and PvE) wep: A)perfect grief zerker axe if u can afford. ***On average you will be duel wielding griefz and ebotdz*** over time you will learn how to change gear depending on what you fight against... B) perfect ebotd zerker axe C) doom zerker axe (sometimes considered bm, but nobody gives a fuck anymore.)

rings: dual raven frosts +40 to dex... meaning 40 spare stats -need the dex to get multiple attk belt: Perf Verdungoes belt str+ health boots: gore riders... cb ds ow gloves: ogre rends- CB, stre etc... charms: 320/20s LOTS perf anni and perf btorch in stash, pre buff gear: 2 spears with +3 to warcrys. you can buy these from a5 healer. OR, if your rich, get 2 perf cta with +6 BO then you will have a total of +12 BO.

Skills: 20 ww 20 bo 20 shout 20 axe mast 1 iron skin, faster run/walk, increase stamina, howl, bash, leap, leap attack, concentration, beserk remaining points into natural resists untill p resists are achieved... then put remaining skills into either iron skin or fr/w

89 skill needed

Stats: str: 53-73 depending on anni and torch dex: enough for max block with ss/// unless using grief then minimum of 76-96 depending on charms vit: rest In duel games u will have superior life and about 5-12k dmg as always stack resists and sorb vrs sorces... vrs hammerdins take off ur shield, run into them ww and run out... hit and run basically with 5k life u shuld be able to tank 4 hammers w/o much truble.. vrs other barbs make sure u dont ww them strait on, dodge thier ww and ww at a slight angle to them, trying to ww them when they stop as soon as ur ww stops circle around them because they will start to ww at you, repeat untill u win... java zons... the hacked kind... stack all the resists and sorb u can... ive been killed easily with 6.6k life 95 resist stacked to over 180 (some wep that gave +90% resis based on lvl) and enough sorb to stop a 44k light sorc in her tracks... most likly the java zon will have farcast so rits a lil bit harder... best bet is to run around in a half circle then run in and try to ww.

I remember when poeple thought smiters were the best melee classes possible. WRONG! If you follow this guide, you will smash 99% of all smiters. If your having truoble with them and they are using bm( calling you names and shit blah blah blah), just pull out doom then theyre totally fucked... remember to always ww away from them, not into them. make a triangle with ww.

When fighting druids, first examine how they play. Are they the aggresors? if so, take off your stupid nigma, throw on your nice ebugged Fort and get rdy to tear the shit outa them. if they are the pussy kind of druid thats week and loves to kite people around, slap nigma back on, then namelock them, then ww right ontop of them a couple times. that should do it for druids.

when fighting other barbs, use grief and your ss and fort. no need for pussy teleporting here. same thing, always when fighting another melee class, ww away from them.

Rare items. I've seen some pretty nice rare barba helms before, and these things are worth about 40-50 hrs. Sometimes they are superior to arreats helm, but not ebugged.

Also, boost up ur dmg by ALOT, you can use a demon limb (mace). it has a lvl 23 enchant on it. this might be considered BM in clan duels but as i said, nobody gives a fuck anymore...

Any questions, hit me back up.