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Warlord of Blood (Diablo I)

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The Warlord of Blood is a unique Knight found on the first level of Hell. He is always located in a room that encapsulates the stairs leading to the 14th level. The room is filled with several weapon and armor racks that may spawn magic or unique items, making the Warlord of Blood quite profitable to kill.

He is most likely the first triple immune the player will encounter in the game, meaning he cannot be damaged by either fire, lightning or magic damage spells. This can lead to some trouble for Sorcerers, who may be used to killing most enemies rather easily up until this point. Stone Curse still works however, so it is possible to keep him permanently paralyzed while killing him.

While this monster can't be the legendary Bartuc, it most certainly seems to be someone has gotten possession of his armor.

Warlord of Blood
Difficulty Level Health (Diablo/Hellfire) Damage AC To Hit Exp Resistances Location
Single Multi F L M

File:Warlord of Blood (Diablo I).gif
Steel Lord
Normal 26 850 35-50 80 120 4252 100 100 100 Hell 13
Nightmare 41 2551/2650 74-104 130 205 10504
Hell 56 3403/3600 146-206 160 240 21008