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Diablo III

Vitality is one of the four core character attributes in Diablo III. Vitality benefits the character by affecting the following stats:

The actual amount of life received per point of vitality varies depending on level.

Levels Life per point
1-34 10
35-60 level - 25

Vitality can be increased by leveling or obtaining gear with Vitality-related affixes on them.

Diablo II

Vitality determines how much Life a character has. Different classes gain life at different rates from points in Vitality. It also determines how much Stamina a character has and increases the Stamina Regeneration rate. Both Vitality and Life can be increased by items with specific magical properties.

Character Attributes
Diablo I Diablo II Diablo III
StrengthDamageHealth Regeneration
DexterityAttack RatingDefenseBlock
MagicManaMana Regeneration
StrengthDamageHealth Regeneration
DexterityAttack RatingDefenseBlock
EnergyManaMana Regeneration
Strength — Armor, Barbarian Damage
Dexterity — Dodge, Demon Hunter & Monk Damage
Intelligence — All Resistances +0.1, Wizard & Witch Doctor Damage
Armor •  Resistances