Villager's Journal

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Villager's Journal




Damage -(-)
Damage (-) - (-)
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Durability 0 - 20
Required Level 1
Item Level 1
Sockets display: none;
Sell Value 0 Gold.png
Set Name [[]]


The king has gone mad, executing anyone his paranoid eye falls on! None of us are safe.

— Villager Gordon

Location[edit | edit source]

Villager's Journal can be found in an "Old Keepsake Box" at Old Tristram Road or The Old Ruins.

Note[edit | edit source]

This journal is required to complete the achievement Taking Notes. To find it may require the player to re-spawn in the Old Ruins many times, as the Old Keepsake Box may contain any of the following other lore books: Gillian's Diary, Part 1 & Part 2, and Cain's Old Journal, Part 1 & Part 2, Old Diary and Lost Journal.

Old Keepsake Box