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User:Talkerst/New Infobox Item Example

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Req Lvl: 31

3400 Gold.png

Game Level

38.4 - 38.6 DPS

4-36 Damage
({{{item_damage_min_min}}}-{{{item_damage_min_max}}}) - ({{{item_damage_max_min}}}-{{{item_damage_max_max}}}) Damage
1.92-1.93 Attacks Per Speed
Expression error: Unexpected round operator.-Expression error: Unexpected round operator. Armor
' Defense
+{{{item_holy_damage_min}}} Holy Damage
+{{{item_fire_damage_min}}} Fire Damage
+{{{item_cold_damage_min}}} Cold Damage
+9-18 Lightning Damage
+{{{item_arcane_damage_min}}} Arcane Damage
+{{{item_poison_damage_min}}} Poison Damage
+0.12-0.13 Attack Per Second
+2 Random Properties
Part of [[]] set.

Durability: 50-60

Item Level: 32

Sockets: 2