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Unique Monsters have titles and purple names.

Unique Monsters are "named" versions of regular monsters. They are harder to find, and like Rare Monsters they may have special abilities. There can only be one of each Unique Monster; for example the "Skeleton King" is the one and only Skeleton King of Diablo III. Unique Monsters will always appear in the same areas, but may have a limited chance to spawn. Others are associated with quests, such as bosses, and may only spawn depending on the player's quest progress. Unique Monsters may look similar to regular monsters but can be distinguished by their purple names, and special titles. Unique Monster drop higher quality loot and larger Health Globes.

List of Unique Monsters[edit | edit source]

Act I[edit | edit source]

Name Location Subtitle Miscellaneous
Aaron Bright Cathedral Garden Deceased Bard
Armorer's Bane Watch Tower Level 2 Harrower of Filth The Scavenged Scabbard (event)
Arsect the Venomous Caverns of Araneae Instiller of Fetid Decay
Battlerage the Plagued Halls of Agony Level 1 Poisonous Berserker
Bellybloat the Scarred Cathedral Level 4 Infected Monstrosity A Unique Collection
Bludgeonskull the Mauler Halls of Agony Level 1 Blood and Bone
Boneslag the Berserker Halls of Agony Level 3 Brutish Thug
Brakan Highlands Cave Vizier of the Coven The Apothecary's Brother (event)
Braluk Grimlow Cathedral Level 1 Gorged Undead Brother
Brother Karel Drowned Temple Ancient Nephalem Guardian Quest
Brother Larel Drowned Temple Ancient Nephalem Keeper Quest
Brother Moek Drowned Temple Ancient Nephalem Defender Quest
Buras the Impaler Southern Highlands Fiery Warrior
Burrow Bile Fields of Misery Mauler of the Fields
Cadhul the Deathcaller Southern Highlands Shepherd of Defilement
Captain Cage Cathedral Level 4 Commander of the Dead A Unique Collection
Captain Daltyn The Hidden Cellar Former Captain of the Guard Quest
Caretaker McCree Cathedral Garden Deceased Mustachioed Groundskeeper
Chancellor Eamon Chancellor's Tomb Astral Guardian Quest
Charger Fields of Misery The Ground Shall Tremble
Chupa Khazra Ancient Pyre Shade of the Outlands
Crassus the Tormentor Halls of Agony Level 1 Coven Master of Torture
Creampuff Whimsyshire Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Cudgelarm Cathedral Level 2 Undead Mauler A Unique Collection
Cultist Grand Inquisitor Halls of Agony Level 1 Master of Pain
Dargon Highlands Passage Traitorous Cur A Reputation Restored (event)
Dataminer Defiled Crypt Unearths Spoils Haunted Fake version only
Digger O'Dell Defiled Crypt Just Shoveling Off Haunted Fake version only
Dreadclaw the Leaper Fields of Misery Rodent of Unusual Size A Unique Collection
Drury Brown Defiled Crypt Thief of Bones Haunted ; A Unique Collection Real version only
Ebenezer Samuel Mass Grave, Old Tristram Road Deceased Scribe A Unique Collection
Enkidu The Festering Woods Nephalem Traitor Eternal War (event)
Enmerkar The Festering Woods Ancient Hero Last Stand of the Ancients (event)
Evil Oliver Whimsyshire A Subsidiary of Happy Company
Ezek the Prophet Drowned Temple Ancient Nephalem Champion Quest
Father Rathe Decaying Crypt Level 2 Defiled Patriarch The Family of Rathe (event)
Fecklar's Ghost The Festering Woods Horror of the Shadows A Unique Collection ; Haunted
Farnham Damp Cellar The Drunk The Cursed Cellar (event)
Firestarter Cathedral Level 2 Burn to a Cinder A Unique Collection
Garrach the Afflicted Halls of Agony Level 3 Gorger of Bile
Gharbad the Strong Ancient Pyre Baneful Impaler Revenge of Gharbad (event)
Glidewing Cathedral Level 1 Carrier of Death
Gorathra Musty Cellar Sarkoth's Mate
Grimsmack The Festering Woods Stover of Heads
Hawthorne Gable The Festering Woods Vengeful Spirit
Headcleaver Leoric's Passage Royal Executioner Quest
Jay Wilson Development Hell Game Director Does not appear in Normal difficulty
Jezeb the Conjuror Leoric's Manor Cultist Beast Caller A Unique Collection
John Gorham Coffin Defiled Crypt Resurrectionist Haunted Real version only
Jondar Cathedral Level 3 Necromancer Betrayer Quest
Killian Damort Cathedral Level 4 Deadeye Archer
Killaire Whimsyshire Team Unicorn
Krailen the Wicked Leoric's Manor Reviled Beast Summoner
Larson the Strange Old Tristram Road Eater of Vegetables
Latimorr Edgars Mass Grave Hunger of the Damned
Little Jebby Rathe Decaying Crypt Level 2 Defiled Progeny The Family of Rathe (event)
Lloigor the Crazed Cathedral Level 4 Demented Conjuror
Logrut the Warrior Highlands Crossing Fierce Moon Clan Fighter A Unique Collection
Lord Dunhyld Defiled Crypt Phantom of Anguish The Matriarch's Bones (event)
Lorzak the Powerful Southern Highlands Bearer of Frost A Unique Collection
Lucious the Depraved Cemetery of the Forsaken Thief of Corpses Haunted ; A Unique Collection
Maisie the Daisy Whimsyshire Pretty Little Flower
Mange The Weeping Hollow Vicious Infected Beast A Unique Collection
Manglemaw Defiled Crypt Level 2 Horror of the Crypt Quest
Maulin Sorely Whimsyshire Team Unicorn
Melmak the Swift Fields of Misery Quick as Lightning
Merrium Skullthorn Cathedral Level 2 Plagued Skeletal Fighter A Unique Collection
Midnight Sparkle Whimsyshire Nightmare is Magic
Mira Eamon Cellar of the Damned Wife of Haedrig Quest
Miss Hell Whimsyshire Team Unicorn
Morris Jacobs Musty Cellar Deceased Artisan
Mother Rathe Decaying Crypt Level 2 Defiled Matriarch The Family of Rathe (event)
Nalghban the Foul Southern Highlands Dark Moon Clan Elder Shaman Quest
Nigel Cutthroat The Old Mill Thieves Guild Assassin Quest
Nightmarity Whimsyshire Generosity in Death
Odeg the Keywarden Fields of Misery Evasive Khazra Brute Drops special item required for Infernal Machine
Percepeus Leoric's Hunting Grounds Follower of the Yellow God
Princess Stardust Whimsyshire Be Careful What You Wish For
Queen Araneae Chamber of Queen Araneae The Shadow Weaver Quest
Qurash the Reviled Caverns of Araneae Plaguespinner A Unique Collection
R'Lyeh Whimsyshire Team Unicorn
Ragus Grimlow Cathedral Level 1 Gorged Undead Brother A Unique Collection
Rathlin the Widowmaker Caverns of Araneae Plagueweaver A Unique Collection
Red Rock Southern Highlands Heart of Fire A Unique Collection
Rockmaw Scavenger's Den Level 2 Devour of the Deep
Sarella the Vile Leoric's Manor Courtyard Cruel Servant of the Coven A Unique Collection
Sarkoth Dank Cellar Hoarder of Treasure
Shanabi Lost Mine Level 2 Fortune Hoarder The Precious Ores (event)
Sicklefang Forsaken Grounds Scourge of the Harvest Carrion Farm (event)
Skehlinrath Southern Highlands Lightning Bringer
Skeleton King Crypt of the Skeleton King Mad King of Tristram Quest
Sotnob the Fool Halls of Agony Level 2 Leoric's Royal Jester
Super Awesome Sparkle Cake Whimsyshire The Instakill Pony
Tartus Defiled Crypt Jailer of Souls Jar of Souls
The Butcher Chamber of Suffering Flesh Carver Quest
The Foul Desecrator Realm of Chaos Gaping Maw of Hell Infernal Machine
The King of the Dead Realm of Discord Mockery of Life Infernal Machine
The Merciless Witch Realm of Discord Soulless Heathen Infernal Machine
The Old Man The Secluded Grove Rooter of Corpses
The Savage Behemoth Realm of Turmoil Unrelenting Devastator Infernal Machine
The Undying One Realm of Turmoil Depraved Zealot Infernal Machine
The Vile Executioner Realm of Chaos Vicious Blademaster Infernal Machine
The Warden The Cursed Hold Head Jailer of King Leoric Quest
Tormented Behemoth Halls of Agony Level 2 Horror of the Pit A Stranger in Need (event)
Tortured Soul The Lyceum The Doom Scholar The Crumbling Tower (event)
Treefist Woodhead Halls of Agony Level 3 Dumb as a Stump
Tubbers Whimsyshire The Lost One
Urik the Seer Khazra Den Prophet of Torture Quest
Urzel Mordreg Wortham Dark Hierophant Quest
Venimite Caverns of Araneae Tiny and Deadly A Unique Collection
Wretched Queen The Old Ruins First Handmaiden of the Queen Quest
Zhelobb the Venomous Caverns of Araneae Bloodspawn of the Queen A Unique Collection

Act II[edit | edit source]

Name Location Subtitle Miscellaneous
Ancient Guardian The Forgotten Ruins Horadric Mage Construct Quest
Ashangu Dahlgur Oasis The Summoner
Ashek Black Canyon Mines Diminutive Fallen Fighter A Unique Collection
Avatar of Rakanishu Dahlgur Oasis Fallen Demigod Rakanishu's Blade (event)
Bashiok Dahlgur Oasis Death is Not the End Bashanishu
Belial Imperial Palace Lord of Lies Quest
Beyatt The Lost Caravan The Elusive One A Unique Collection
Blarg the Imp Desolate Sands Frenetic Fiery Creature A Unique Collection
Bloodfeather Desolate Sands Winged Desert Predator A Unique Collection
Bonesplinter Road to Alcarnus The Savage Fist
Bramok the Overlord Dahlgur Oasis Unmerciful Slavemaster Prisoners of Kamyr (event)
Charged Sentinel Realm of Shadow Singer of Surges Quest
Dervish Lord Hadi's Claim Mine The Bonetaker
Ekthul Abandoned Cellar Wormfeast
Erach Stinging Winds The Dunethrasher
Ernutet Desolate Sands Guardian of The Veiled Treasure Ancient Device
Eternal Guardian Soulstone Chamber Dark Horadric Construct Quest
Fezuul Dahlgur Oasis Master of Bone
Flesh of Nar Gulle Sewers of Caldeum The Diseased Husk
Frost Sentinel Realm of Shadow Spiritbane Quest
Fuad the Cannibal Fuad's Cellar Terror of the Wastes
Gart the Mad Howling Plateau Maniacal Fallen Master A Unique Collection
Gavin the Thief Hidden Aqueducts Plaguebearer Quest
Ghas Abandoned Mineworks The Shadowclaw Lair of the Lacuni (event)
Ghezrim Stinging Winds The Bone Flayer Guardian Spirits (event)
Goz'turr the Torturer The Wretched Pit Reaper of Pain Quest
Graveljaw the Devourer Deserted Cellar Lord of Worms Entrance to Tunnels of the Rockworm
Grool Eastern Channel Bloodthirsty Mangler
Hazzor the Viper Sewers of Caldeum The Sibilant A Unique Collection
Hellscream The Unknown Depths The Render A Unique Collection
Hemit the Feared Howling Plateau Brutal Fallen Overlord
High Cultist Murdos Alcarnus Cruel and Powerful Cultist Acolyte A Unique Collection
Hurax Deserted Cellar Siphoner of Souls
Jhorum the Cleric Alcarnus Coven Blood Scribe
Kamyr City of Caldeum Stalker of the Shadows Quest
Khaaz Sewers of Caldeum Deadly Serpent Fighter
Leodesh the Stalker Dahlgur Oasis Harbringer of Pain
Mage Lord Caustus The Storm Halls Guardian Lord of Poison A Unique Collection
Mage Lord Flaydren The Storm Halls Guardian Lord of Lightning A Unique Collection
Mage Lord Ghuyan The Storm Halls Guardian Lord of Fire A Unique Collection
Mage Lord Misgen Vault of the Assassin Guardian Lord of Blood Quest
Mage Lord Skomara The Storm Halls Guardian Lord of Frost A Unique Collection
Maghda Lair of the Witch Leader of the Coven Quest
Molten Sentinel Realm of Shadow Bloodthrasher Quest
Monstrous Dune Thresher Stinging Winds Bane of the Dunes
Moontooth Dreadshark Sewers of Caldeum The Shadowswimmer
Mundunogo Dahlgur Oasis Bad Medicine Chieftain
Nine Toads Desolate Sands Terror of the Borderlands
Ningish Sewers of Caldeum The Deathstormer
Otzi the Cursed Western Channel Infected Creature of Death A Unique Collection
Pazuzu Desolate Sands The Bladespinner
Plagar the Damned Desolate Sands Brutish Accursed
Raziel Sewers of Caldeum The Dark One
Raiha the Vicious Desolate Sands Swiftness of a Cat A Unique Collection
Razormouth Black Canyon Mines Terror of the Sand A Unique Collection
Rockgut The Unknown Depths Deadly Stone Behemoth
Sammash Alcarnus Coven Thug A Unique Collection
Saha the Slasher Howling Plateau Infected Terrifying Claws A Unique Collection
Sardar Tomb of Sardar The Soulless One Sardar's Treasure (event)
Scar Talon Dahlgur Oasis Foul Winged Terror
Shade of Nar Gulle Sewers of Caldeum Shadow of Vengeance
Shaitan the Broodmother Desolate Sands Great Maker Entrance to Cave of Burrowing Horror
Shatterbone Road to Alcarnus Acolyte of Torment Quest
Shondar the Invoker Alcarnus Master of the Threshold A Unique Collection
Sokahr the Keywarden Dahlgur Oasis Wielder of the Restless Wind Drops special item required for Infernal Machine
Spirit of Khan Dakab Tomb of Khan Dakab Malevolent Ghost The Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab (event)
Ssthrass Dahlgur Oasis The Sliverbolt Quest
Stinging Death Swarm Western Channel Relentless Cloud of Pain A Unique Collection
Taros the Wild Howling Plateau Vicious Lacuni Huntress
The Archivist The Unknown Depths Dark Lorekeeper Haunted ; A Unique Collection
The Tomekeeper Realm of Shadow Dark Scribe Haunted
Thugeesh the Enraged Unknown Depths Maniacal Berserker
Thrum Realm of Shadow Giant Stone Mauler A Unique Collection
Torsar Dahlgur Oasis Storm of the Desert A Unique Collection
Vile Sentinel Realm of Shadow Pestilent Infector Quest
Wargiant Stinging Winds Brute of the Coven The Restless Sands (event)
Yakara Eastern Channel Savage Serpent Warrior A Unique Collection
Yeth Road to Alcarnus Hound of Pestilence A Unique Collection
Zoltun Kulle Soulstone Chamber Dark Horadrim Quest

Act III[edit | edit source]

Name Location Subtitle Miscellaneous
Aloysius the Ghastly The Keep Depths Level 2 Damned for All Eternity
Axgore the Cleaver The Core of Arreat Lord of the Phasebeasts A Unique Collection
Axegrave the Executioner The Keep Depths Level 2 Heads Will Roll A Unique Collection
Azmodan Heart of Sin (Zone) Lord of Sin Quest
Bashface the Truncheon Stonefort Powerful Demon Warrior A Unique Collection
Belagg Pierceflesh The Keep Depths Level 3 Bone and Arrow A Unique Collection
Blarg the Foul The Bridge of Korsikk Diseased Warrior Brute A Unique Collection
Bone-ripper The Keep Depths Level 1 Horror of the Flame Forged in Battle (event)
Bricktop Stonefort Demonic Nemesis
Busaw Rakkis Crossing Eater of Manflesh Crazy Climber (event)
Captain Dale The Keep Depths Level 1 Former Guard Captain A Unique Collection
Captain Donn Adams The Keep Depths Level 1 Leader of the Skeletal Guard
Charuch the Spear Arreat Crater Level 2, Tower of the Cursed Level 1 Deadly Blood Clan Ranger A Unique Collection
Chiltara Caverns of Frost Level 2 Vile Frost Stalker A Unique Collection ; Drops Gibbering Gemstone
Colossal Firewing The Battlefields The Hell-Warder Tide of Battle (event)
Crabbs Tower of the Damned Level 2 You Can't Have Me Golds
Cydaea Heart of the Damned, Heart of the Cursed Maiden of Lust Quest
Demonic Ballista Fields of Slaughter Dread War Machine Quest
Demonika the Wicked Tower of the Damned Level 1 From the Heart of Hell A Unique Collection
Direclaw the Demonflyer Rakkis Crossing Swift Winged Death A Unique Collection
Dreadgrasp The Battlefields Tendrils of Evil A Unique Collection
Dragus Stonefort Soldier of Hell Waiting for Reinforcements (event), Quest
Emberwing Fields of Slaughter Winged Demon Lord
Garganug Rakkis Crossing King of the Golgors
Ghallem the Cruel Fields of Slaughter Blood Clan Frost Ranger
Gholash Tower of the Damned Level 1 Savage Fiery Brute A Unique Collection
Ghom The Larder Lord of Gluttony Quest
Gnawbone Tower of the Damned Level 1 Ferocious Demon Hound
Gormungandr Arreat Crater Level 1 Serpent of Arreat A Unique Collection
Gorog the Bruiser The Core of Arreat One-Thousand Pounder A Unique Collection
Groak the Brawler The Battlefields Infected Hellspawn
Growlfang Arreat Crater Level 1 Bite Much Worse Than Bark A Unique Collection
Gugyn the Gauntlet The Keep Depths Level 3 Impassable Barrier A Unique Collection
Handible The Battlefields Demon of Frozen Horrors Triage (event)
Haxxor Tower of the Damned Level 1 Wielder of Giant Axes A Unique Collection
Hyrug the Malformed Tower of the Cursed Level 1 Forgotten Scourge A Unique Collection
Lashtongue The Keep Depths Level 1 A Taste for Blood
Lavarinth Rakkis Crossing Molten Defiler Blaze of Glory (event)
Lummock the Brute Rakkis Crossing Enraged Bone Breaker A Unique Collection
Malthous Arreat Crater Level 1 The Smith of Sin
Marchocyas Skycrown Battlements Winged Horror A Unique Collection
Mehshak the Abomination The Battlefields From the Depths of Arreat A Unique Collection
Mhawgann the Unholy Arreat Crater Level 2 Bloodgorger
Riplash Tower of the Damned Level 2 Thief of Souls A Unique Collection
Sawtooth Arreat Crater Level 2 Subterranean Monstrosity
Scorpitox The Core of Arreat Infected Demon Scorpion
Severclaw Arreat Crater Level 1 Fiery Crawler A Unique Collection
Shandra'Har Rakkis Crossing Vile Plagued Conjuror A Unique Collection
Shertik the Brute Fields of Slaughter Poisonous Malformed Beast
Siegebreaker Assault Beast Edge of the Abyss Living Siege Engine of Hell Quest
Snapbite The Barracks Level 2 The Bonechewer Blood Ties (event)
The Crusher The Keep Depths Level 2 Just Passin' By A Unique Collection
Thornback The Keep Depths Level 1 Spiked Fire Beast A Unique Collection
Valifahr the Noxious Arreat Crater Level 1 Vengeful Demon Fiend
Vicious Gray Turkey The Keep Depths Level 3 Delicious Armored Beast A Unique Collection
Xah'Rith the Keywarden Stonefort Tormentor of the Damned Drops special item required for Infernal Machine

Act IV[edit | edit source]

Name Location Subtitle Miscellaneous
Aspect of Anguish The Silver Spire Level 1 Andariel’s Minion Quest
Aspect of Destruction The Silver Spire Level 2 Baal’s Warmonger Quest
Aspect of Hatred The Silver Spire Level 2 Mephisto’s Disciple Quest
Aspect of Lies The Silver Spire Level 1 Belial’s Assassin Quest
Aspect of Pain The Silver Spire Level 1 Duriel’s Darkrider Quest
Aspect of Sin The Silver Spire Level 2 Azmodan’s Legionnaire Quest
Aspect of Terror Gateway to the Silver Spire Diablo’s Herald Quest
Diablo The Crystal Arch The Prime Evil Quest
Grimnight the Soulless The Silver Spire Level 2 Shadow of Death A Unique Collection
Hammermash Hell Rift Brutal Hellspawn Shocker Quest
Haures The Silver Spire Level 2 Hand of Ruin A Unique Collection
Iskatu The Vestibule of Light Minion of Diablo Quest
Izual The Great Span The Betrayer Quest
Kao’Ahn Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier Morlu High Lord
Khatun Gardens of Hope 1st Tier Sky Terror A Unique Collection
Kysindra the Wretched The Silver Spire Level 1 Lust’s Forlorn A Unique Collection
Malfeas the Abhorrent Radiant Chapel Hand of Corruption
Nekarat the Keywarden The Silver Spire Level 1 Seething Chaos Drops plans for Infernal Machine
Oah'Tash Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier The Impenetrable Bulwark
Pyres the Damned The Silver Spire Level 1 Eternity of Fire A Unique Collection
Rakanoth Library of Fate Lord of Despair Quest
Razorclaw Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier Reaper of Angels Quest
Rhau'Kye The Silver Spire Level 2 The Eye of Flame A Unique Collection
Sao'Thall The Silver Spire Level 2 Embodiment of Hatred A Unique Collection
Shadow of Diablo Realm of Terror Terror Phantasm Quest
Slarg the Behemoth The Silver Spire Level 1 Massive Hellbeast A Unique Collection
Sledge Hell Rift Massive Mauler Quest
Torchlighter Gardens of Hope 1st Tier Breath of Flame A Unique Collection
Veshan the Fierce Gardens of Hope 1st Tier Cloaked by the Unseen A Unique Collection

Location Unknown[edit | edit source]