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The Fifth Class

The Unicorn was an April Fool's joke created by the DiabloFans staff in 2010. It was accompanied by a reskinning of the entire DiabloFans forums to a bright pink color scheme. Her signature Rainbow Aura caused other classes' skills to become much more colorful. It is not an official class.

The Unicorn is one of five playable character classes in Diablo III. She is a mad damsel on steriods, supporting you via Rainbows and Puppies, her Unihorn, or her emotional support via her moanings. This character will be ridden on by all male classes.

"The new Cow Level will be the Unicorn & Rainbow Level, at least I hope so. A colourful and happy unicorn dealing 500-750 damage while braying." - Bashiok


The Unicorn's skill types are Rainbows and Puppies, Unihorn, and Emotional Support.

Rainbows and Puppies Unihorn Emotional Support

Party Time
Hop-along Horde

Horshoe Gore

Cookie Batter
Easy Bake Quake
Rainbow Aura