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The Sacrificial Hermit

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The Sacrificial Hermit
Crazed Hermit Portrait.png
Deliver the Alchemist's concoction to the hermit by the Caverns of Araneae.
ActAct I
LocationWortham Bluffs
TriggerRodger the Alchemist
Gold215 Gold.png
  • Deliver the Alchemist's concoction to the hermit by the Caverns of Araneae

The Sacrificial Hermit is an event quest in Act I. It has a chance to spawn in Wortham Bluffs. The event is triggered by interacting with Rodger the Alchemist.

This event provides the lore about the Crazed Hermit.


Alchemist Portrait.png
Rodger the Alchemist
Hello, wanderer. I sell quality potions and dyes at a fair price. Have a look if you like!
Oh, and would you do me a favor? There's a lunatic down by the caves who wants a potion to make his blood sweet, if you can believe it. Would you mind bringing it down to him?
I brought this potion from the alchemist.Barbarian Portrait.png Demon Hunter Portrait.png Monk Portrait.png 
The alchemist sent this potion to you.Witch Doctor Portrait.png
The alchemist said you were waiting for this potion.Wizard Portrait.png
A potion for you.Crusader Portrait.png
Crazed Hermit Portrait.png
Crazed Hermit
Oh... this is perfect! My mistress will now accept me! Her blood and mine will soon sing as one!

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