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The Road to Alcarnus

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The Road to Alcarnus
The Road to Alcarnus.png
Quest StartEnchantress
Quest EndCaptain Davyd
Quest Objectives

  1. Cross the Black Canyon Bridge
  2. Find Khasim Outpost
  3. Talk to Lieutenant Vachem
  4. Enter the Command Post
  5. Kill the demons in the Command Post
    Open the Locked Cage
  6. Kill the disguised demons in Khasim Outpost
  7. Talk to Captain Davyd in Khasim Outpost.

The Road to Alcarnus is the second quest of Act II.

← Shadows in the Desert :Previous Quest
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Next Quest: City of Blood →

Quest Rewards

  • 2975 XP
  • 1530 Gold.png


Cross the Black Canyon Bridge

Find Khasim Outpost

Talk to Lieutenant Vachem

Barbarian Portrait.pngBarbarian
Open the gate. I must get to Alcarnus.
Crusader Portrait.pngCrusader
Greetings. I'm headed to Alcarnus, but this gate seems to be blocking my way.
Demon Hunter Portrait.pngDemon Hunter
I need to reach Alcarnus. Please open the gate.
Monk Portrait.pngMonk
I am going to Alcarnus. Open the gate.
Monk Portrait.pngMonk
You must open the gate. I need to go to Alcarnus.
Wizard Portrait.pngWizard
I need you to open the gate. I must reach Alcarnus.
Lieutenant Vachem Portrait.pngLieutenant Vachem
You must be mad! But if you're intent on rushing headlong to your death, talk to Captain Davyd down in the command post. He's got the gate key.

Enter the Command Post

Maghda Portrait.pngMaghda
Here you are, delivered unto me as a sacrifice! A gift from Lord Belial!
Barbarian Portrait.pngBarbarian
It is you who are the sacrifice... He set you here as bait to lure me away from his treachery in Caldeum.
Crusader Portrait.pngCrusader
He used you as a distraction, and I let him. Killing you is worth the delay.

Kill the demons in the Command Post
Open the Locked Cage

Kill the disguised demons in Khasim Outpost


  • 2975 XP
  • 1530 Gold.png

Talk to Captain Davyd in Khasim Outpost.

Barbarian Portrait.pngBarbarian
Has Maghda reached Alcarnus?
Crusader Portrait.pngCrusader
Has Maghda reached Alcarnus?
Captain Davyd Portrait.pngCaptain Davyd
Yes. We're heard rumors of a horrible slaughter there.
Barbarian Portrait.pngBarbarian
Then the sooner you open this gate, the sooner justice will be done.
Crusader Portrait.pngCrusader
Then time is short. Please open this gate.
Unknown Portrait.pngReward
Magic or Rare Armor