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The Pandemonium Gate (quest)

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The Pandemonium Gate
The Pandemonium Gate.png
Quest StartTyrael
Quest EndPortal
Quest Objectives

  1. Go to the Pandemonium Gate
  2. Kill Lamiel and the reapers
  3. Talk to Imperius
  4. Go to the Path of War

The Pandemonium Gate is the fifth quest in act V.

Quest Rewards

  • 4050 XP
  • 1710 Gold.png


Go to the Pandemonium Gate

Tyrael Portrait.pngTyrael
What is this?
Maiden Lamiel Portrait.pngMaiden Lamiel
Destroy the Gate!

Kill Lamiel and the reapers

Maiden Lamiel Portrait.pngMaiden Lamiel
The nephalem is here.

Talk to Imperius

Imperius Portrait.pngImperius
He dares to attack us?
Imperius Portrait.pngImperius
Malthael is my brother. I fought a thousand battles by his side, and I care not that he seeks to destroy you and your kind.
Imperius Portrait.pngImperius
But my brother has grown sick, and must be put down—for his own sake. Yet I have not the heart to do this.
Imperius Portrait.pngImperius
And so it falls to you. Come, nephalem, to Pandemonium.

Go to the Path of War


  • 4050 XP
  • 1710 Gold.png
Unknown Portrait.pngReward
Magic Armor or Weapon