The Orb by SinoftheworlD

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The Orb, written by SinoftheworlD, is a take on a Wizard's encounter with the Undead in the deep, dark catacombs below the cathedral. It is likely that the cathedral mentioned is the one from the original Wizard machanima shown for the character's unveiling. The story also features several key mentions of Diablo III-specific bestiary and lore, including the Unburied and the Wizard's orb.

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They were coming. She could hear them. The sound of dragging feet and the soft moans of tortured souls. She wasn't afraid. Nothing down here could match her power, but those mindless beings were no longer human enough to fear her. They would keep coming and she would simply end their pitiful existence.

It was almost completely dark in the depths of the catacombs beneath the old cathedral, the only light being the soft glow of the arcane magics hovering gently above her left hand. Held in a glass sphere, the magics help to focus her powers; not that she needed help, she simply had a habit of carrying it, one she picked up before she realized what fools and cowards her supposed "teachers" were.

They were getting closer now. She could smell them, the rancid taste of rotting flesh. She wrinkled her nose in disgust. Casually and with flawless grace she raised her right hand above her head, palm up. A soft purple glow appeared above her hand, pulsing slightly with the rhythm of her heart. The air around her began to shimmer and small surges of bright purple energy began to surge up her body toward her upstretched hand. Suddenly, a purple bolt of energy appeared a few inches from the skin of her breast and shot upward, arching out and then back into the orb floating above her, followed by another from the soft curve of her lower back. A second later more and more bolts were forming all around her body from head to toe, surging upwards in long purple streaks. The orb above her head pulsed and grew with every surge of energy that reached it. After a few seconds the flow of energy came to a halt.

She stood there, a bored look on her face, watching the small horde of hungry zombies as they dragged themselves slowly but steadily towards her. The Orb floating above her hand, now half as tall as herself, cast a considerable radius of pulsing purple light, the raw power clearly evident in the violent swirling mass, held together simply by the force of her will. She could see clearly now that there where more creatures than she had previously thought. The soft moaning of the undead had covered the sound of the smaller things scurrying along the floor. They looked akin to long legged toads covered with short bony spikes but their movement was more similar to large lizards.

She wasn't really paying attention to them. It didn't matter how many there were, they wouldn't touch her. They were in the last few moments of their cursed existence. What she was watching was the large figure in the center of the multitude. It stood a good 10 feet high, but seemed to be made up of lots of smaller parts; almost human parts. It definitely had more than one face.

She was curious. She had heard of these "Unburied," but had never seen one for herself. Oh well, it was in her way. From the look of the monstrosity, it didn't seem that it would die quite as easily as the others, but die it would.

It was still a little far away for this kind of magic, though. She would have to wait. Some of the creatures were quite close now, a mere ten paces from her. Some showing bloodlust in their inhuman eyes, others a hunger for her flesh. But there she stood, unmoving in a calm, almost casual stance. Watching. Waiting. It was almost close enough. Just a few more paces. There! Roughly thirty paces, the most effective range of her Arcane orb.

She took a step forward and threw the orb directly at the huge Unburied lumbering towards her. At the same moment one of the critters leapt, attempting the last five paces towards her, but it had barely left the ground when a purple bolt of energy shot out of the orb flying swiftly towards the center of the crowd. The small creature was hurled straight back onto the hard stone floor of the dungeon, now resembling nothing more than a pile of discarded fish guts, somewhat singed.

The orb advanced down the crowded corridor, sending out bolt after bolt of energy in every direction, reigning destruction as it went. Those that happened to hit the Unburied seemed to have little effect on the monstrous being. Once the orb reached the giant mass of unified cadavers, there was an explosion briefly casting all behind the monster into deep shadow. The orb burst into a multitude of bright purple energy bolts, flying out in every direction.

The Unburied, taking half the bolts directly into its chest, was sent flying backwards; or at least what was left of it. The parts that remained were once again the decomposing corpses of fallen men, as they were before the foul beast was born.

A small movement to her left caught her eye. She turned to see the torso of a long dead, but sadly still moving, woman crawling towards her. It was a scant few feet away from her now and would be on her in moments. Quickly she threw up her hand and summoned another orb. Taking a single step back she threw the orb towards the cadaver. With so little time to properly charge the orb, it had barely left her hand before it exploded; sending only three or four bolts out in the blast, but it was more than enough to finish what was left of the zombie.

Those who had been behind the giant abomination were mostly shielded from the destructive power of the first orb. They were advancing now, ignoring what was left of their own kind, but they would meet the same fate. The catacombs were already pulsing with the familiar purple light?