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The Apothecary's Brother

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The Apothecary's Brother
Alchemist Portrait.png
Help Rike the Apothecary find his brother.
ActAct I
LocationHighlands Cave
TriggerRike the Apothecary
Gold470 Gold.png
  • Find Rike's brother
  • Defeat the cultist ambush
  • Talk to Rike the Apothecary

The Apothecary's Brother is an event quest in Act I. It has a chance to trigger within the Highlands Cave, which rarely spawns in Leoric's Hunting Grounds. The event is triggered by interacting with Rike the Apothecary.


Alchemist Portrait.png
Rike the Apothecary
Help! Cultists have kidnapped my brother!
We must find them.Barbarian Portrait.png
We should start searching, then. Quickly!Demon Hunter Portrait.png
Then we must rescue him.Monk Portrait.png
I will help you find him.Witch Doctor Portrait.png
Then we must hurry and find them.Wizard Portrait.png
Alchemist Portrait.png
Rike the Apothecary
The cultists poisoned my brother and brought him to this cave, all because they want my elixirs!
They will pay for their actions.Barbarian Portrait.png
We will show them the price of such reckless greed.Demon Hunter Portrait.png
This coven is a constant thorn in my side. I will deal with them.Monk Portrait.png
Their darkness grows. I will deal with them.Witch Doctor Portrait.png
They need to be shown the error of their ways. Painfully.Wizard Portrait.png
  • Find Rike's brother.
Alchemist Portrait.png
Rike the Apothecary
He's over here! I'll give him the antidote!
Alchemist Portrait.png
Rike the Apothecary
Oh no... they're here! Fight them off while I give him the antidote!
Alchemist Portrait.png
Rike the Apothecary
He'd be dead if it weren't for you, brave hero.
Take these elixirs for your trouble. We're going back to town.