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Template:Skill (Diablo I)

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[[Image:{{{Name}}} (Diablo I).png]]
Magic Requirements
Spell Level 1 {{{StartMagic}}}
Requires 255 at Level {{{EndMagic}}}
Mana Cost
Initial Mana Cost {{{StartMana}}}
Reduction per Spell Level {{{ReduceMana}}}
Lowest Mana Cost {{{EndMana}}}
Cannot be learned, only comes on scrolls and staves.

A template to display spells found in Diablo I. If |Type is not specified, all parameters relating to damage will be hidden. If |EndMagic is left out, all parameters other than |Name will be left out. The bottom cell disappears if |EndMagic is specified.

{{Skill (Diablo I)

|Name       = 

|Damage     = 
|Healing    = 
|Type       = 

|Class      = 
|Spell      = 
|Magic      = 

|StartMagic = 
|EndMagic   = 

|StartMana  = 
|ReduceMana = 
|EndMana    =