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Template:Monster (Diablo I)

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This template is used to display Diablo I monster data. It accomodates regular monsters and unique monsters. The formatting is screwed up on this page due to how it is designed.

  • The topmost monster must have |top added. This causes the table headers to appear.
{{Monster (Diablo II)|top
  • Each monster uses a full template. If five monster breeds are to be displayed on the same page, the template needs to be used five times.
  • |unique is used to display what the unique version of a monster is called. All regular monsters must have this field filled; if no unique exists, enter "None".
  • |minhealth and |maxhealth refers to a monsters health in multiplayer on normal difficulty. If only one value exists, omit |minhealth.
  • All other stats also refer to their values on normal difficulty.
  • Resists automatically color if they reach 100.
  • When a page is done, the table must be ended like this: |}. Otherwise a navbox cannot be added to the bottom of the page.
{{Monster (Diablo I)

|name         = 
|breed        = 
|type         = 
|image        = 
|unique       = 
|basemonster  = 

|level        = 
|minhealth    = 
|maxhealth    = 
|mindam       = 
|maxdam       = 
|ac           = 
|tohit        = 
|exp          = 

|fire         = 
|lightning    = 
|magic        = 
|fireH        = 
|lightningH   = 
|magicH       = 

|location     =