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Template:Item List (Diablo II)

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Name Throw Damage 1-Handed Damage 2-Handed Damage Attacks Speed Melee Range Defense Block Smite Damage Potion Slots Kick Damage Durability Sockets Req. Strength Req. Dexterity Req. Level
[[{{{item_name_en}}}|{{{item_name_en}}}]] ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


This template uses displays items in a list format and uses the Data namespace to get the information needed. It should not be used directly but instead used through the Item template.

It is based on Template:Item List and adapted for Diablo II items.


The template can only list items of the same item type. Weapons and armor can thus not be displayed in the same list. Furthermore, due to the more complex nature of Diablo II items, different armor pieces cannot be incorporated into the same list either. For example, belts and shields cannot be combined into the same lists. The same is true for weapons with differing damage types (1H, 2H and throwing).







  • X is the item name
  • list causes the item to use this template
  • top must be used for the top item in a list in order for the headers to be displayed.
  • |} should be used after the last item to close the underlying table.