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Template:Item (Diablo II)

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|name         = 
|style        = {{{style|}}}
|color        = 
|baseitem     = 
|setitem      = 
|uniqueitem   = 
|image        = 
|ingredients  = 
|basestats    = 
|uniquestats  = 
|setstats     = 
|setbonus     = 
|fullsetbonus = 

|hidebaseitem    = {{{hidebaseitem|}}}
|hidesetitem     = {{{hidesetitem|}}}
|hideuniqueitem  = {{{hideuniqueitem|}}}
|hideimage       = {{{hideimage|}}}
|hideingredients = {{{hideingredients|}}}
|hidebasestats   = {{{hidebasestats|}}}
|hideuniquestats = {{{hideuniquestats|}}}
|hidesetstats    = {{{hidesetstats|}}}



  • If no base item exists, leave blank
  • Suffix each stat with <br />
  • Style can be used to add properties to the table, such as right-align
  • Colors are: blue, gold, green, orange, white and yellow
  • Baseitem and setitem/uniqueitem should never be used in the same item template
  • Setbonus and fullsetbonus are meant for partial and full set bonuses
  • Hide parameters hides specific parts of the template on target pages.


  • If creating a base template, copy and leave as is
  • If you want to use an item in an article, change to a 1 to hide the field