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Template:Infobox d3 area

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image goes here
Act [[{{{act}}}]]
Waypoint Yes
Shrines Yes
Goblins {{{goblins}}}
Layout {{{type}}}
← {{{prev_area1}}} {{{next_area1}}} →
← {{{prev_area2}}} {{{next_area2}}} →
← {{{prev_area3}}} {{{next_area3}}} →
← {{{prev_area4}}} {{{next_area4}}} →
← {{{prev_area5}}} {{{next_area5}}} →

Description[edit source]

image         = <area image filename>
act           = <act name>
waypoint      = Is there a waypoint in this area? <1 or 0>
shrines       = Can shrines spawn in this area? <1 or 0>
goblins       = Can goblins spawn in this are? <No, Yes, Always>
type          = How does the map generate its parts? <Exact, Fixed borders, Variable x parts>
next_area1..3 = next connecting area <area name>
prev_area1..3 = previous connecting area <area name>