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Template:Infobox Skills (Median XL innate)

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{{{Image}}} {{{Name}}}
Class: {{{Class}}}
Skill Tree: {{{Tree}}}
Required Level: {{{Level}}}
Damage Type: {{{Damage}}}
Cast Delay: {{{Cooldown}}}
If the skill is a paladin aura, use the Aura value.
If the skill is a passive skill, enter nothing in either Aura or Active.
If the skill is an active skill, enter something in Active, but not in Aura.

{{Infobox Skills (mxl)

|Name        = 
|Image       = 
|Description = 

|Class    = 
|Tree     = 
|Level    = 
|Damage   = 
|Cooldown = 
|Aura     = 
|Active   =