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Template:Infobox Item (Diablo II)

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[[{{{item_base}}} (Diablo II)|{{{item_base}}}]]
Number {{{rune_rank}}} of 33
Set: [[{{{set_name}}} (Diablo II)|{{{set_name}}}]]
Unique: [[{{{item_unique}}} (Diablo II)|{{{item_unique}}}]]
Throw Damage: {{{item_damage_throw_min}}} to {{{item_damage_throw_max}}}
1H Damage: {{{item_damage_1H_min}}} to {{{item_damage_1H_max}}}
2H Damage: {{{item_damage_2H_min}}} to {{{item_damage_2H_max}}}
Defense: {{{item_defense_min}}} - {{{item_defense_max}}}
Armor Type: {{{item_armor_type}}}
Potion Slots: {{{item_potion_slots}}}
Block: P: {{{item_block_P}}} Am/As/B: {{{item_block_AmAsB}}} D/N/S: {{{item_block_DNS}}}
Smite Damage: {{{item_smite_dmg_min}}} - {{{item_smite_dmg_max}}}
Kick Damage: {{{item_kick_dmg_min}}} - {{{item_kick_dmg_max}}}
Melee Range: {{{item_melee_range}}}
Attack Speed: [{{{item_speed}}}]
Minimum Strength: {{{item_req_str}}}
Minimum Dexterity: {{{item_req_dex}}}
Durability: {{{item_durability}}}
Max Sockets: {{{item_sockets_max}}}
Quality Level: {{{item_quality}}}
Level Requirement: {{{item_req_level}}}
Quest: [[{{{item_quest}}} (Diablo II Quest)|{{{item_quest}}}]]
Dropped by: {{{item_quest_dropped}}}
Weapons: {{{rune_effect_wpn}}}
Armor: {{{rune_effect_arm}}}
Helms: {{{rune_effect_hlm}}}
Shields: {{{rune_effect_shd}}}


(Ladder Only)
(Only Spawns on Battle.net Servers)
(Only Spawns In Patch {{{item_version}}} or later)

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