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Diablo I
Diablo Box.jpg
Developer Blizzard North
Publishers Windows, Mac

NABlizzard Entertainment



NA,EUElectronic Arts

JPElectronic Arts Victor

Designers Erich Schaefer

David Brevik

Max Schaefer

Eric Sexton

Kenneth Williams

Platforms Windows, Mac, Playstation
Release Date PC

NA January 2, 1997

PAL 1997


NA May 1998

JP April 28, 1998


NA March 1998

PAL April 1998

JP July 9, 1998

Ratings ESRB: M (Mature)

PEGI: 16+

ELSPA: 15+



KMRB: 18+

System Requirements Windows

Windows 95 or better

60 MHz Pentium or better

8 MB RAM (16 MB for multiplayer)

SVGA-compatible graphics card

2X CD-ROM drive

Mac OS

Power Macintosh or compatible

8 MB RAM with virtual memory

System 7.5 or higher

2X CD-ROM drive