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Template:Guide Deletion

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This guide has been marked for deletion on {{{1}}} 1, 2011.

Please bring it up to DiabloWiki's standards by the above date or it will be deleted.
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This template is used to mark build guides for deletion. Proper usage is:

{{Guide Deletion|Month}}

Month should be replaced with the month that the guide will be deleted. Month names must be fully spelled out; do not abbreviate them. Guides should be deleted as close to 1 month after the marking date as possible. However, they should also be allowed a minimum of two weeks before deletion, so any guides marked after the 15th of a given month should be deleted in two months rather than one. For Example:

  • A guide is marked on May 18, 2011. The guide should therefore be deleted in July rather than June.
  • A guide is marked on May 10, 2011. The guide can be deleted in June, even though June 1 isn't a full month away.