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This template is used to complete template documentation. It should be used in conjunction with {{docStart}}.



noDiv Parameter (Optional)

Removes the </div> line from docEnd. See Issues for an explanation of its use before using it.



Fill in documentation.


Currently the only thing this template does is insert </div> into a page. This could change as potential future enhancements are added so it is good practice to use it instead of directly adding </div>. It is also clearer to users the intent of {{docEnd}} than a stray </div> at the end of a file.


Wiki is relativity forgiving of missed closing tags if they appear at the end of a page. As docEnd will almost always be at the end of a file it is possible that some un-closed tags will cause the </div> to be displayed instead of interpreted as the end to the <div> in {{docStart}}. If you find this happens first try and locate the improper/missed tags in your template. If you cannot find them you can use the nodiv option to remove the closing </div>. This is preferable to not calling {{docEnd}} for future compatibility.