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[[{{{p_quest}}}|← {{{p_quest}}}]] :Previous Quest
Quest Icon.png
Next Quest: [[{{{n_quest}}}|{{{n_quest}}} →]]

Quest Rewards

  • 0 XP
  • 0 Gold.png



This is the standard quest template for Diablo 3 quests. It will genrate the infobox or quest objective layout depending on what the first parameter is passed:


{{Data:Quests/The Fallen Star|infobox}} produces the infobox. Omitting the "infobox" produces the rest of the content.

|image        = path to specific image. If omitted it will default to quest_title.png
|quest_title  = title of the quest
|act          = act
|quest_type   = "Campaign" or "Event"
|quest_start  = NPC or item that gives this quest
|quest_end    = NPC or item that ends this quest
|n_quest      = next quest in the series
|p_quest      = previous quest in the series
<!-- this is order sensitive!! -->
|q_obj_1 .. q_obj_n = Quest objectives (must be in order and numbered) (Bonus objectives count as a full objective)
|d_obj_1_1 .. d_obj_1_n = dialog or quest log updates in order of appearance. Must be delimited with "/" between speaker's names (Eg: Leah, you should not dismiss the signs so lightly. Do you not believe the evidence of your own eyes?/Deckard Cain)
|r_obj_1_xp .. r_obj_n_xp = XP reward for objective 1 .. n
|r_obj_1_g .. r_obj_n_g = gold reward for objective 1 .. n