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Act {{{act}}}
Type {{{quest_type}}}
Quest Start {{{quest_start}}}
Quest End {{{quest_end}}}
Quest Objectives


This is an infobox template for displaying quest information in Diablo 3. The only parameters that can be omitted are the objectives.


image = full name of the image to be used for this quest
quest_title = title of the quest
act = act number
quest_start = name of npc/object who starts this quest line (wiki markup required)
quest_end = name of npc/object who ends this quest line (wiki markup required)
q_obj_1 .. q_obj_15 = Titles of each quest objective. Bonus objective must start with the word "Bonus"


|image       =  
|quest_title = 
|act         = 
|quest_start = 
|quest_end   = 
|q_obj_1     = 
|q_obj_2     = 
|q_obj_3     = 
|q_obj_4     = 
|q_obj_5     = 
|q_obj_6     = 
|q_obj_7     = 
|q_obj_8     = 
|q_obj_9     = 
|q_obj_10    = 
|q_obj_11    = 
|q_obj_12    = 
|q_obj_13    = 
|q_obj_14    = 
|q_obj_15    =