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Template:D3 NPC Uniques

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This template is used to display Diablo III unique tables for monster types. It accommodates all unique monsters of a specific family.

  • The topmost monster must have |top added. This causes the table headers to appear.
{{D3 NPC Uniques|top
  • Each unique composes of an image, name, phrase, affix list, location and note data.
  • Any fields can be omitted although all except note should be filled in
  • When a page is done, the table must be ended like this: |}. Otherwise a navbox cannot be added to the bottom of the page.
{{D3 NPC Uniques

|picture     =
|name        = 
|phrase      = 
|affix       = 
|type        = 
|location    = 
|note        = 

Example of full usage (used to calibrate table)...

Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes

Ragus Grimlow.png

Ragus Grimlow Gored Undead Brother

  • Electrified
  • Extra Health


Required by A Unique Collection achievement series.