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This template sources the ten books that have been written in the Diablo setting.

|{{1}} is the book title. It needs to be spelled correctly for the template to work properly.

|{{2}} is the page number.

Usage[edit source]

<ref>{{Booksource| {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} }}</ref>

The <ref> tags need to be wrapped around the template in order for the article to recognize it as a source.

Examples[edit source]


  • <ref>{{Booksource | The Veiled Prophet | 124 }}</ref>


  • <ref>{{Booksource | veiled Prophet | p. 124 }}</ref>
  • {{Booksource | The Veiled Prophet | 124 }}

Notes[edit source]

Works for the following books:

  • Book of Cain
  • Birthright
  • Scales of the Serpent
  • The Veiled Prophet
  • Demonsbane
  • Legacy of Blood
  • The Black Road
  • The Kingdom of Shadow
  • Moon of the Spider
  • Diablo Archive
  • Diablo II Manual
  • Diablo I Manual
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