Teleporting (Diablo II)

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This attribute gives the monster a new behavior: it will Teleport (or try to) when below 33% health. Ranged monsters will Teleport out of range when an enemy closes in to melee range. Basically, this attribute makes them run away to either heal or attack from range.


  • Try to find them fast once they Teleport. This may be very hard when in enclosed areas with many rooms such as the Sewers. If you can not find them quickly, they will heal and you'll be back to square one.
  • Use Cold damage against them. This will slow them down and increase the time it takes for them to cast Teleport, giving you a longer window of time to interrupt them.
  • Guided Arrow can work wonders when fighting them. If they Teleport when it is tracking them, the arrow will veer off and point towards where they went, making them much easier to find.