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Telekinesis is a starting skill of Monk and can be learned by other classes.

The main use of Telekinesis is outside combat: it can pick up items, open chests and doors (but not barrels) and activate altars at a distance. Some useful applications:

  • Picking up items that lay on the other side of a fence or lava river without taking a detour. It speeds up the game.
  • Picking up items or altars on the edge of the screen without risking starting another fight (when a player intends to teleport to the town after picking the items).
  • Avoiding traps when opening chests.
    • Traps that destroy potions have no effects if there are at least 2 tiles between the player and the chest.
    • Nova traps still fire, but a player standing afar takes less damage.
    • Fire arrow traps still fire, but a player standing afar has a short time to step aside (although, it requires very good reaction).

Telekinesis can be used in combat, although it's not really useful.

Mana cost: (36 - slvl)

Minimum Magcur to read the book: 75

The spell has no hotkey.

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