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Tathamet battling Anu.
Title The Prime Evil
Gender Male
Affiliation Burning Hells
Relatives Anu (creator)
Status Defeated
Appearances Diablo III
It is the sum total of all seven Evils housed within one body. There is an ancient legend, known only to a few, of the great Dragon, Tathamet, who was the original embodiment of evil. The legend says that he was ripped apart during an epic battle with Anu, and that the Burning Hells are composed of his remains.
~ Tyrael (src)

Tathamet, The Prime Evil, was a seven-headed dragon of all darkness and vileness. It was known as the Prime Evil and was created as a cast off of all the dark attributes within Anu long before Sanctuary came into existence. Separated from one being, Tathamet and Anu were both trapped within the same place and they battled with each other for an indefinite length of time. Eventually, the evenly matched adversaries destroyed each other, causing the universe to come into being.

After its death, Tathamet gave birth to the seven Great Evils, each being formed from one of Tathamet's heads while its body became the foundation of the Burning Hells.