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Talk:Super Unique Monsters (Diablo II)

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Is the list nessecary when we have:


"Why are there duplicate images?"

Even if the wiki complains about dupe images, this is done for consistency. A lot of Super Uniques are missing palettes or use illegal Utras values so they will look like and share the default color as every other monster of it's type (eg: you will never see a palette-shifted Frozen Horror). For reference, below is a list of SU's that fall into that category. There's some recycling going on with the monster images, but at least for SU's it should be 1:1.

Treehead WoodFist
Battlemaid Sarina
Ismail Vilehand
Geleb Flamefinger
Bremm Sparkfist
Toorc Icefist
Wyand Voidfinger
Maffer Dragonhand
The Cow King
Bonesaw Breaker
Dac Farren
Threash Socket
Snapchip Shatter
Bartuc the Bloody

hmm i dont see anything here http://www.diablowiki.com/Category:Diablo_II_Super_Unique_Images

the wiki auto asks if you are updating a image so that is ok :P

Apoc: I upload with warnings off - the wiki knows if there's another file with the same parameters as the one you're uploading. See, http://www.diablowiki.com/Special:FileDuplicateSearch/Dac_Farren_(Diablo_II).gif different names, but same file.