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Disjointed Lore

Alright, to start off with: "Lilith had a plan of her own for this Sanctuary however; she wanted to use its population as her own personal army. She murdered all the other Angels and Demons in Sanctuary except for her loved one, Inarius. He didn't approve of her plan at all for he wanted the Nephalem to worship him and fuel his ego."

This could use some expanding, as it can be confusing to readers who are new to the lore. This is why:

Lilith - [...] The nephalem possess great innate powers, enough to one day rival and surpass the powers of both angels and demons. Lilith saw their potential and realized that properly led they could be used to overthrow both Heaven and Hell and bring an end to their endless struggle. Inarius however feared their strength and wanted to kill them all. [...]Realizing she could not forcibly stop him from killing the nephalem, she instead killed all the other angel and demon rebels on Sanctuary. She hoped this would force Inarius to spare them, as the alternative would be to spend eternity by himself. Her prediction turned out to be true[...]
Inarius - [...] Inarius foresaw the strength the nephalem might someday possess, and thus declared them abominations and, as the most powerful of the renegades, demanded they be exterminated. Lilith, returning to her manipulative and deceitful ways, jumped upon what she saw as an opportunity. She planned to use the power of the nephalem to build an army with herself as the leader and crush both the High Heavens and the Burning Hells.

Those last two passages flow together rather well. The first, however, leaves out too much detail in a bid to keep from appearing to go off-topic. I think it's safe enough to add more info into that paragraph without bloating it.