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Talk:Class Builds (Diablo II)

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Necro Builds

4 of the 5 current necro builds are essentially the same as Nightfish's famous "Fishymancer", but not written as well. I think we should paste in Nightfish's original post (I've got a copy) and delete the others while incorporating any useful deviations mentioned in these. For example, the hardcore skellymancer deviates by putting only one skill point in CE and skimping on most curses to get 20/20/20 in the defensive bone skills. Actually, this build is borderline, and I could see the case for leaving it, but the other three are redundant.

Also, it would be nice to see a poison necro build (or possibly two if nova-oriented and dagger-oriented are sufficiently distinct). I've played both, but never seriously through hell in post 1.10. --Labyrinthinsidious (talk) 21:47, 1 May 2013 (UTC)

This is truly the ultimate damage necro-build, but I don't know how to create a build page:

Skill Point Allocation and Hot Keys:

20 Teeth

1 Corpse Explosion [C]

20 Bone Spear [Permanent Left Mouse]

20 Bone Spirit

1 Bone Shield [A]

20 Bone Wall [F]

20 Bone Prison [D]

1 Amplify Damage [X]

1 Iron Maiden [V]

1 Clay Golem [Mouse Scroll Down]

1 Golem Mastery

1 Summon Resist

1 Summon Skeleton [E]

2 Skeleton Mastery

Item granted Revive [W]

Item granted Teleport [Mouse Scroll Up]

Item granted Hydra [R]

Unsummon [T]

Town Portal [Z]

Stand Still [S] (beneficial with left-click Bone Spear builds)

Use Belt [Q] [Shift] [Caps] [Tab] [~ as secondary Shift]

View Items [Alt]

Inventory [Space]


Button progression for Bone Spear->Amplify Damage->Corpse Explosion: [X+S (hold S)]–>[RightMouse]–>[C+LeftMouse (hold LM until corpses are available]–>[RightMouse]

Teleport close to an opponent then take a few steps away, placing your minion(s) between you; commence button progression. C can usually be removed from the progression in PVP.

Bone Wall can be used strategically with terrain, or can be recast quickly to barricade the entire screen. Bone Prison can trap an enemy or group with a single cast, but an enemy must be present to cast it, so cannot be used preemptively. Iron Maiden is effective with both skills, so V should usually replace X in the button progression when using them.

Stat Point Allocation:

0 Strength (use belt, amulet, and rings to boost strength at onset of each game then switch back to usual gear once benefiting from Enigma's strength bonus)

X into Dexterity (if you get hit often, sink a little here)

Everything (else) into Vitality

0 Energy


Wand (3 Bone Spear, 3 Skeleton Mastery, 1-3 Revive) with White runeword

Archon Plate with Enigma runeword

Darkforce Spawn with Ber or Zod if ethereal

Harlequin Crest with Ber

Magefists (upgraded to Battle Gauntlets)

Arachnid Mesh (80% FCR total)


Mara's Kaleidoscope

2 Stones of Jordan

Inventory: Hellfire Torch; Annihilus; 6 Fungal Charms of Vita; 3 Fungal Charms of Balance; 6 Small Serpent's Charms of Vita; 3 Small Shimmering Charms of Vita; 1 Small Shimmering Charm of Balance (must attain 39% FHR total).

Mercenary aura should be Might. + Skill items are very beneficial on a merc if using Revive frequently.

— SoulWaster