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Tal (Median XL)

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Tal Rune
Number 7 of 50
Tal Rune.png

Weapons: +5 to All Attributes
Armor: +5 to All Attributes
Shields: +5 to All Attributes

Level Requirement: 17

Tal is the seventh rune in Median XL.
It can be made by cubing 2 Ith runes together.
It is a common rune in the game and is used in 1 runeword.

Rune words

1-6 Socket Weapons
0-5 Jewels + Tal
Level Requirement : 17

6% Chance to cast level 9 Bloodlust when you Kill an Enemy

+(41 to 60)% Enhanced Damage
+(11 to 15)% Bonus Damage to Bloodlust
20% Increased Attack Speed
0.5-60 to Maximum Damage (+0.5 per Character Level)
33% Chance of Open Wounds
+5 to all Attributes

-1 to Mana