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Taking Notes

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Taking Notes
Taking Notes.png
Read the following Quest lore books in Act I.
TypeCampaign > Act I
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Achievement Series

Taking Notes is a Campaign Achievement which requires collecting all 7 Quest lore books in Act I.

Lore books

Lore Location Source Quest requirement
Report from Wortham Northern Highlands
Leoric's Hunting Grounds
Wortham Villager Corpse Trailing the Coven
Command from Cultist Grand Inquisitor Halls of Agony Level 1
Halls of Agony Level 2
Halls of Agony Level 3
Musty Lectern The Imprisoned Angel
Reply from Cultist Grand Inquisitor
A Page from Lazarus's Grimoire The Cursed Hold
Halls of Agony Level 3
The Imprisoned Angel, after the beheading of Queen Asylla
Orders from Maghda Leoric's Manor A mob of Dark Cultists Trailing the Coven
Villager's Journal Old Tristram Road
The Old Ruins
Old Keepsake Box
A Summoner's Journal Southern Highlands (eastern part) Dark Cultist summoner Rare random event where the summoner chants and attempts to raise 4 undead Khazra