Swampy Pit (Diablo II)

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Swampy Pit
Act Act III
Waypoint No
Golden Chest Yes
Super Unique None
Quests None
NPCs {{{NPCs}}}
Music Spider
Area Level
Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 1 21 51 80
Level 2 21 51 81
Level 3 21 51 82
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Level 5 {{{Level5}}} {{{Level5N}}} {{{Level5H}}}
Relative Area Size
Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 1 1 1 1
Level 2 1 1 1
Level 3 1.87 1.87 1.87
Level 4 {{{Size4}}} {{{Size4N}}} {{{Size4H}}}
Level 5 {{{Size5}}} {{{Size5N}}} {{{Size5H}}}

The Swampy Pit is an entirely optional area, found in the Flayer Jungle during Act III. It is a dungeon style area similar to the Flayer Dungeon with three levels, the last of which contains a golden chest.

It is one of the few areas in the game where the bottom floor is the largest in the entire dungeon.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster Immunity Additional
Normal Nightmare Hell
Fiend (Diablo II).gif
- - Lightning
Gloam (Diablo II).gif
- - Lightning
Undead Soul Killer (Diablo II).gif
Undead Soul Killer
- - Poison
Undead Stygian Doll (Diablo II).gif
Undead Stygian Doll
- - Poison
Preserved Dead (Diablo II).gif
Preserved Dead
- - Poison
Level 1
Drowned Carcass (Diablo II).gif
Drowned Carcass
- - Fire
Level 2

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