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Sortable table
gs_key gs_value_en gs_value_2_en gs_value_3_en gs_value_4_en
Affixes_ResistAll X Spectral
Affixes_ResistAll XI Spectral
Affixes_ResistAll XII Prismatic Resilient
Affixes_CCReduction 1 Defiant Tyranny
Affixes_CCReduction 2 Defiant of Resolve
Affixes_CCReduction 3 Defiant
Affixes_CCReduction 4 Rebellious of Determination
Affixes_CCReduction 5 Rebellious
Affixes_CCReduction 6 Rebellious
Affixes_CCReduction 7 Brazen of Defiance
Affixes_CCReduction 8 Brazen
Affixes_CCReduction 9 Undaunted
Affixes_CCReduction 10 of Impunity
Affixes_MaxDiscipline 1 of the Wolf
Affixes_MaxDiscipline 2 of the Wolf
Affixes_MaxDiscipline 3 of the Wolf
Affixes_MaxDiscipline 4 of Clarity
Affixes_MaxDiscipline 5 of Clarity
Affixes_MaxDiscipline 6 of Clarity
Affixes_MaxDiscipline 7 of Certainty
Affixes_MaxDiscipline 8 of Certainty
Affixes_MaxDiscipline 9 of Certainty
Affixes_MaxDiscipline 10 of Lucidity Magnificent
Affixes_SpiritRegen 1 of the Tiger of Renewal
Affixes_SpiritRegen 2 of the Tiger Awakening
Affixes_SpiritRegen 3 of the Tiger of the Temple
Affixes_SpiritRegen 4 of Rebirth Bliss
Affixes_SpiritRegen 5 of Rebirth Paradise
Affixes_SpiritRegen 6 of Rebirth Harmony
Affixes_SpiritRegen 7 of Awakening Consciousness
Affixes_SpiritRegen 8 of Awakening Revelation
Affixes_SpiritRegen 9 of Awakening Illumination
Affixes_SpiritRegen 10 of Enlightenment of Rebirth
Affixes_HatredRegen 1 of Spite
Affixes_HatredRegen 2 of Spite
Affixes_HatredRegen 3 of Spite
Affixes_HatredRegen 4 of Revenge
Affixes_HatredRegen 5 of Revenge
Affixes_HatredRegen 6 of Revenge
Affixes_HatredRegen 7 of Retribution
Affixes_HatredRegen 8 of Retribution
Affixes_HatredRegen 9 of Retribution
Affixes_HatredRegen 10 of Bitterness
Affixes_MaxArcanePower 1 of Memory of Power
Affixes_MaxArcanePower 2 of Memory
Affixes_MaxArcanePower 3 of Memory
Affixes_MaxArcanePower 4 of Madness of the Alchemist
Affixes_MaxArcanePower 5 of Madness of Supremacy
Affixes_MaxArcanePower 6 of Madness
Affixes_MaxArcanePower 7 of Insanity
Affixes_MaxArcanePower 8 of Insanity
Affixes_MaxArcanePower 9 of Insanity
Affixes_MaxArcanePower 10 of the Cosmos of Insanity
Affixes_MaxMana 1 of the Cat of Visions
Affixes_MaxMana 2 of the Cat of Moxie
Affixes_MaxMana 3 of the Cat of Occult
Affixes_MaxMana 4 of Intuition of Ruin
Affixes_MaxMana 5 of Intuition of Mortification
Affixes_MaxMana 6 of Intuition of Decay
Affixes_MaxMana 7 of Insight of Madness
Affixes_MaxMana 8 of Insight of Vision
Affixes_MaxMana 9 of Insight of Omens
Affixes_MaxMana 10 of Lost Souls of the source
Affixes_MaxFury 1 of the Mountain of Malice
Affixes_MaxFury 2 of the Mountain
Affixes_MaxFury 3 of the Mountain
Affixes_MaxFury 4 of Wrath
Affixes_MaxFury 5 of Wrath of Revolt
Affixes_MaxFury 6 of Wrath of Mutiny
Affixes_MaxFury 7 of Rage of Turmoil
Affixes_MaxFury 8 of Rage
Affixes_MaxFury 9 of Rage
Affixes_MaxFury 10 of Recklessness of Ferocity
Affixes_SpirtHeals 1 of the Monkey of Harmony
Affixes_SpirtHeals 2 of the Monkey
Affixes_SpirtHeals 4 of Revelation
Affixes_SpirtHeals 5 of Revelation
Affixes_SpirtHeals 6 of Revelation
Affixes_SpirtHeals 7 of Harmony
Affixes_SpirtHeals 8 of Harmony
Affixes_SpirtHeals 9 of Harmony
Affixes_SpirtHeals 10 of the Exalted of Emptiness
Affixes_FuryHeals 1 of the Badger Intense
Affixes_FuryHeals 2 of the Badger of Havoc
Affixes_FuryHeals 3 of the Badger primitive
Affixes_FuryHeals 4 of Ire
Affixes_FuryHeals 5 of Ire
Affixes_FuryHeals 6 of Ire
Affixes_FuryHeals 7 of Malevolence
Affixes_FuryHeals 8 of Malevolence
Affixes_FuryHeals 9 of Malevolence
Affixes_FuryHeals 10 of Havoc of Malevolence
Affixes_GoldPickUpRadius 1 of Gathering
Affixes_GoldPickUpRadius 2 of Gathering
Affixes_GoldPickUpRadius 3 of Greed
Affixes_GoldPickUpRadius 4 of Greed
Affixes_GoldPickUpRadius 5 of the Miser
Affixes_GoldPickUpRadius 6 of Avarice
Affixes_PrecVit I Feral Feral
Affixes_PrecVit II Feral
Affixes_PrecVit III Feral
Affixes_PrecVit IV Feral
Affixes_PrecVit V Wild
Affixes_PrecVit VI Wild
Affixes_PrecVit VII Wild
Affixes_PrecVit VIII Wild
Affixes_PrecVit IX Potent
Affixes_PrecVit X Potent of Redemption
Affixes_PrecVit XI Potent Brave
Affixes_PrecVit XII Valiant Valiant
Affixes_HighlySalvageable II Mysterious Mysterious
Affixes_HighlySalvageable III Odd Mysterious
Affixes_HighlySalvageable IV Strange Mysterious
Affixes_HighlySalvageable V Weird Mysterious
Affixes_Inferior Weapon Dam 1 Cracked
Affixes_Inferior Weapon Dam 2 Crude
Affixes_Inferior Weapon Dam 3 Damaged
Affixes_REQ 1 of the Squire
Affixes_REQ 2 of the Squire
Affixes_REQ 3 of the Squire
Affixes_REQ 4 of the Squire
Affixes_REQ 5 of the Squire
Affixes_REQ 6 of the Squire
Affixes_REQ 7 of Courage
Affixes_REQ 8 of Courage
Affixes_REQ 9 of Courage
Affixes_REQ 10 of Courage
Affixes_REQ 11 of Courage
Affixes_REQ 12 of Courage
Affixes_REQ 13 of Daring
Affixes_REQ 14 of Daring
Affixes_REQ 15 of Daring
Affixes_REQ 16 of Daring
Affixes_REQ 17 of Daring
Affixes_REQ 18 of Daring
Affixes_REQ 19 of Bravery of Valor
Affixes_ArcanePowerOnCrit 1 of the Warlock
Affixes_ArcanePowerOnCrit 2 of the Warlock
Affixes_ArcanePowerOnCrit 3 of the Warlock
Affixes_ArcanePowerOnCrit 4 of Prodigy of Augury
Affixes_ArcanePowerOnCrit 5 of Prodigy
Affixes_ArcanePowerOnCrit 6 of Prodigy
Affixes_ArcanePowerOnCrit 7 of Acuity of Acuity
Affixes_ArcanePowerOnCrit 8 of Acuity
Affixes_ArcanePowerOnCrit 9 of Acuity
Affixes_ArcanePowerOnCrit 10 of the Magus
Affixes_ManaRegen 1 of the Origin of Replenishment
Affixes_ManaRegen 2 of the Origin of the Flood
Affixes_ManaRegen 3 of the Origin of the Well Spring
Affixes_ManaRegen 4 of Replenishment
Affixes_ManaRegen 5 of Replenishment
Affixes_ManaRegen 6 of Replenishment
Affixes_ManaRegen 7 of Umbrage
Affixes_ManaRegen 8 of Umbrage
Affixes_ManaRegen 9 of Umbrage
Affixes_ManaRegen 10 of Genesis
AttributeDescriptions_Affinity#Arcane Skills do [{VALUE}*100]% more Arcane Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Affinity#Cold Skills do [{VALUE}*100]% more Cold Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Affinity#Fire Skills do [{VALUE}*100]% more Fire Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Affinity#Lightning Skills do [{VALUE}*100]% more Lightning Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Affinity#Poison Skills do [{VALUE}*100]% more Poison Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Affinity_All Skills do [{VALUE}*100]% more Elemental Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Alignment:Horadric Horadric
AttributeDescriptions_Alignment:Demonic Demonic
AttributeDescriptions_Alignment:Angelic Angelic
AttributeDescriptions_Always_Hits Attacks Always Hit
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Max#Cold Absorbs {VALUE} Cold Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Max#Fire Absorbs {VALUE} Fire Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Max#Lightning Absorbs {VALUE} Lightning Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Max#Arcane Absorbs {VALUE} Arcane Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Max#Physical Absorbs {VALUE} Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Max#Poison Absorbs {VALUE} Poison Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Pierce#Arcane Pierces {VALUE} Arcane Armor
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Pierce#Cold Pierces {VALUE} Cold Armor
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Pierce#Fire Pierces {VALUE} Fire Armor
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Pierce#Lightning Pierces {VALUE} Lightning Armor
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Pierce#Physical Pierces {VALUE} Armor
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Pierce#Physical_Explanation (Ignores a certain amount of armor on a monster)
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Pierce#Poison Pierces {VALUE} Poison Armor
AttributeDescriptions_Attack_Rating +|] Attack Rating
AttributeDescriptions_Attack_Rating_Bonus_Item +|] Attack Rating
AttributeDescriptions_Attack_Rating_Item_Percent +|]% Attack Rating
AttributeDescriptions_Attack_Rating_Item_Total Attack Rating: {VALUE}
AttributeDescriptions_Attack_Rating_Percent +|]% Attack Rating
AttributeDescriptions_Attacks_Per_Second_Item_Total 2|] Attacks Per Second
AttributeDescriptions_Attacks_Per_Second_Item_Bonus +2|] Attacks Per Second
AttributeDescriptions_Attacks_Per_Second_1 2|] (Very slow)
AttributeDescriptions_Attacks_Per_Second_2 2|] (Slow)
AttributeDescriptions_Attacks_Per_Second_3 2|] (Normal)
AttributeDescriptions_Attacks_Per_Second_4 2|] (Fast)
AttributeDescriptions_Attacks_Per_Second_5 2|] (Very Fast)
AttributeDescriptions_Block_Amount_Item_Bonus Additional Block Amount: {VALUE}
AttributeDescriptions_Block_Amount_Item (pair) {VALUE}-[{VALUE}+{VALUE2}] Block Amount
AttributeDescriptions_Block_Chance_Bonus_Item +|}]% Chance to Block
AttributeDescriptions_Block_Chance_Item_Total +1|}]% Chance to Block
AttributeDescriptions_Cannot_Drink_Potions Cannot Drink Potions
AttributeDescriptions_Cannot_Use_Portals Cannot Use Portals
AttributeDescriptions_Casting_Speed_Bonus +|}]% Casting Speed
AttributeDescriptions_Casting_Speed_Percent +|}]% Casting Speed
AttributeDescriptions_Charm_Connections_Plural ({VALUE} connections)
AttributeDescriptions_Charm_Connections_Singular ({VALUE} connection)
AttributeDescriptions_Crit_Rating_Bonus +|] Critical Strike Rating
AttributeDescriptions_Critical_Chance +|}]% Chance to Critical Strike
AttributeDescriptions_Critical_Damage_Percent +|}]% Critical Hit Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Crushing_Blow_Chance [{VALUE}*100]% Chance to Crushing Blow
AttributeDescriptions_Crushing_Blow_Chance_Explanation (Chance to take half a monster's health in one blow)
AttributeDescriptions_Cursed Cursed
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Bleeding (pair) [{VALUE}*100]% chance to do {VALUE2}-{VALUE3} Bleeding Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Bleeding (pair)_Explanation (Chance to do damge to a monster periodically)
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Cold +|] Cold Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Cold (pair) +{VALUE}-[{VALUE}+{VALUE2}] Cold Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Fire +{VALUE} Fire Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Fire (pair) +{VALUE}-[{VALUE}+{VALUE2}] Fire Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Lightning +{VALUE} Lightning Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Lightning (pair) +{VALUE}-[{VALUE}+{VALUE2}] Lightning Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Arcane +{VALUE} Arcane Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Arcane (pair) +{VALUE}-[{VALUE}+{VALUE2}] Arcane Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Poison +{VALUE} Poison Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Poison (pair) +{VALUE}-[{VALUE}+{VALUE2}] Poison Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Physical (pair) +{VALUE}-[{VALUE}+{VALUE2}] Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Delta#Physical +|] Maximum Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Min#Physical +|] Minimum Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Bonus_Min#Physical +|] Minimum Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Per_Second 1|]
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_To_Mana [{VALUE}*100]% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Type_Percent_Bonus#Arcane Adds [{VALUE}*100]% arcane damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Type_Percent_Bonus#Cold Adds [{VALUE}*100]% cold damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Type_Percent_Bonus#Fire Adds [{VALUE}*100]% fire damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Type_Percent_Bonus#Lightning Adds [{VALUE}*100]% lightning damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Type_Percent_Bonus#Poison Adds [{VALUE}*100]% poison damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Weapon_Bonus#Physical (pair) +{VALUE}-[{VALUE}+{VALUE2}] Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Weapon_Bonus_Delta#Physical +|] Maximum Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Weapon_Bonus_Min#Physical +|] Minimum Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Percent +|]% Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Weapon_Percent_Bonus +|]% Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Bonus_Item +|] Armor
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Item_Percent +|]% Armor
AttributeDescriptions_Armor_Item_Total {VALUE}
AttributeDescriptions_Deflection_By_Source Ignores first hit from enemies (NYI)
AttributeDescriptions_Dexterity +|] Dexterity
AttributeDescriptions_Dexterity_Bonus +|] Dexterity
AttributeDescriptions_Energy +|] Willpower
AttributeDescriptions_Energy_Bonus +|] Willpower
AttributeDescriptions_First_Strike_Chance [{VALUE}*100]% Chance of First Strike
AttributeDescriptions_First_Strike_Chance_Explanation (Chance that a monster's first attack will automatically miss)
AttributeDescriptions_Freeze_Length_Reduction [{VALUE}*100]% Freeze Length Reduction
AttributeDescriptions_Gold_Find +|]% Gold From Monsters
AttributeDescriptions_Hitpoint_and_Mana_Regeneration #ERROR#
AttributeDescriptions_Hitpoints_Granted Restores {VALUE} Life
AttributeDescriptions_Hitpoints_Max_Bonus +|] Life
AttributeDescriptions_Hitpoints_Percent +|]% Life
AttributeDescriptions_Hitpoints_On_Hit +|] Life
AttributeDescriptions_Hitpoints_On_Kill +|] Life After Each Kill
AttributeDescriptions_Hitpoints_Regen_Per_Minute Regenerates {VALUE} Life per Minute
AttributeDescriptions_Hitpoints_Regen_Per_Second 1|] Life per Second
AttributeDescriptions_Hitpoints_Regeneration #ERROR#
AttributeDescriptions_Hobbling_Blow_Chance [{VALUE}*100]% Chance to cause a Hobbling Blow
AttributeDescriptions_Hobbling_Blow_Chance_Explanation (Chance to slow a monster's movement)
AttributeDescriptions_Immune#Cold Immune to Cold Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Immune#Fire Immune to Fire Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Immune#Lightning Immune to Lightning Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Immune#Arcane Immune to Arcane Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Immune#Poison Immune to Poison Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Immune#Physical Immune to Physical Damage
AttributeDescriptions_ImmunityCold Immune Cold
AttributeDescriptions_ImmunityFire Immune Fire
AttributeDescriptions_ImmunityLightning Immune Lightning
AttributeDescriptions_ImmunityArcane Immune Arcane
AttributeDescriptions_ImmunityPhysical Immune Physical
AttributeDescriptions_ImmunityPoison Immune Poison
AttributeDescriptions_Item_Cost_Percent_Bonus Sell Value increased by [{VALUE} * 100]%
AttributeDescriptions_ItemTipDamage Damage:
AttributeDescriptions_ItemTipDefense Defense:
AttributeDescriptions_Magic_Find [{VALUE}*100]% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items
AttributeDescriptions_Mana_Cost_Factor +|]% Mana Cost for Spells
AttributeDescriptions_Mana_On_Hit +1|] Mana
AttributeDescriptions_Mana_On_Kill +|] Mana After Each Kill
AttributeDescriptions_Physical_Crit_Chance +|}]% Chance to Critical Strike
AttributeDescriptions_Physical_Crit_Damage_Percent +|}]% Physical Critical Hit Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Resource_Max_Percent_Bonus#Mana +|]% Mana
AttributeDescriptions_Resource_Granted#Mana Restores {VALUE} Mana
AttributeDescriptions_Resource_Max_Bonus#Mana +|] Mana
AttributeDescriptions_Resource_Regen_Per_Second#Mana Increases Mana regeneration by [{VALUE}*60] per minute
AttributeDescriptions_Resource_Cost_Reduction_Amount#Mana Spells and abilities cost {VALUE} less mana
AttributeDescriptions_Resource_Cost_Reduction_Amount#Fury Spells and abilities cost {VALUE} less fury
AttributeDescriptions_Resource_Cost_Reduction_Amount#Arcanum Spells and abilities cost {VALUE} less Arcane Power
AttributeDescriptions_Mana_Restriction (Witch Doctor Only)
AttributeDescriptions_Spirit_Restriction (Monk Only)
AttributeDescriptions_Fury_Restriction (Barbarian Only)
AttributeDescriptions_Arcanum_Restriction (Wizard Only)
AttributeDescriptions_Movement_Speed +|]% Movement Speed
AttributeDescriptions_Run_Speed_Duration Increases run speed for {VALUE} seconds Ends if you deal or receive damage
AttributeDescriptions_Pierce_Chance [{VALUE}*100]% Chance to Pierce
AttributeDescriptions_Pierce_Chance_Explanation (Chance that a projectile will continue on after hitting a target)
AttributeDescriptions_Poison_Length_Reduction [{VALUE}*100]% Poison Length Reduction
AttributeDescriptions_Prevent_Monster_Heal +|]% Damage cannot be Healed (NYI)
AttributeDescriptions_Prevent_Monster_Resurrection Hit prevents Resurrection
AttributeDescriptions_Prevent_Monster_Resurrection_Explanation (Prevents a monster from ever returning to life)
AttributeDescriptions_Requirements_Ease_Percent +|]% Requirements
AttributeDescriptions_Resistance#Cold +[{VALUE}] Cold Resistance
AttributeDescriptions_Resistance#Fire +[{VALUE}] Fire Resistance
AttributeDescriptions_Resistance#Lightning +[{VALUE}] Lightning Resistance
AttributeDescriptions_Resistance#Arcane +[{VALUE}] Arcane Resistance
AttributeDescriptions_Resistance#Physical +[{VALUE}] Resistance
AttributeDescriptions_Resistance#Poison +[{VALUE}] Poison Resistance
AttributeDescriptions_Resistance_All +[{VALUE}] Resistance to all elements
AttributeDescriptions_ResistCold Resists Cold
AttributeDescriptions_ResistFire Resists Fire
AttributeDescriptions_ResistLightning Resists Lightning
AttributeDescriptions_ResistArcane Resists Arcane
AttributeDescriptions_ResistPoison Resists Poison
AttributeDescriptions_Skills_All_Bonus +|] to all Skills
AttributeDescriptions_Skill_Bonus +{VALUE} {SKILL} skill
AttributeDescriptions_ClassRestriction ({CLASS} Only)
AttributeDescriptions_Sockets Sockets ([{VALUE}-{VALUE2}])
AttributeDescriptions_Spell_Damage_Percent_Base Spells deal [{VALUE}]% more damage
AttributeDescriptions_Spell_Damage_Percent_Bonus Spells deal [{VALUE}]% more damage
AttributeDescriptions_Spending_Mana_Heals_Percent Heals for [{VALUE}*100]% of Mana spent
AttributeDescriptions_Stats_All_Bonus +|] to all Attributes
AttributeDescriptions_Steal_Health_and_Mana#Physical #ERROR#
AttributeDescriptions_Steal_Health_Percent [{VALUE}*100]% Damage Dealt is Converted to Life [{VALUE}*100]% Life Stolen per Hit
[{VALUE}*100]% Damage Stolen to Life
[{VALUE}*100]% Damage Converted to Life
[{VALUE}*100]% Damage Drained to Life
[{VALUE}*100]% Damage Inflicted is Added to Life
[{VALUE}*100]% Damage Inflicted is Co
AttributeDescriptions_Steal_Mana_Percent [{VALUE}*100]% Mana Stolen per Hit
AttributeDescriptions_Strength +|] Strength
AttributeDescriptions_Strength_Bonus +|] Strength
AttributeDescriptions_Stun_Chance +|]% Chance to Stun
AttributeDescriptions_Stun_Recovery +|]% Hit Recovery
AttributeDescriptions_Terror_Chance [{VALUE}*100]% Chance to Cause Fear (NYI)
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Percent#Cold Deals {VALUE} Cold Damage to Attacker (NYI)
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Percent#Fire Deals {VALUE} Fire Damage to Attacker (NYI)
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Percent#Lightning Deals {VALUE} Lightning Damage to Attacker (NYI)
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Percent#Arcane Deals {VALUE} Arcane Damage to Attacker (NYI)
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Percent#Physical Deals {VALUE} Damage to Attacker (NYI)
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Percent#Poison Deals {VALUE} Poison Damage to Attacker (NYI)
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Fixed#Cold Attackers Take {VALUE} Cold Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Fixed#Fire Attackers Take {VALUE} Fire Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Fixed#Lightning Attackers Take {VALUE} Lightning Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Fixed#Arcane Attackers Take {VALUE} Arcane Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Fixed#Physical +|] Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Thorns_Fixed#Poison Attackers Take {VALUE} Poison Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Vitality +|] Vitality
AttributeDescriptions_Vitality_Bonus +|] Vitality
AttributeDescriptions_WeaponDamage#Physical (pair) {VALUE}-{VALUE2} Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Soulbound Soulbound - Cannot be traded
AttributeDescriptions_Corruption_Rating +|]% Corruption Rating
AttributeDescriptions_WeaponDamage#Cold (pair) +{VALUE}-{VALUE2} Cold Damage
AttributeDescriptions_WeaponDamage#Fire (pair) +{VALUE}-{VALUE2} Fire Damage
AttributeDescriptions_WeaponDamage#Lightning (pair) +{VALUE}-{VALUE2} Lightning Damage
AttributeDescriptions_WeaponDamage#Arcane (pair) +{VALUE}-{VALUE2} Arcane Damage
AttributeDescriptions_WeaponDamage#Poison (pair) +{VALUE}-{VALUE2} Poison Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A Socket this Rune into a Skill to add a special effect.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B Socket this Rune into a Skill to add a special effect.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C Socket this Rune into a Skill to add a special effect.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D Socket this Rune into a Skill to add a special effect.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E Socket this Rune into a Skill to add a special effect. OLD: Used to customize skills. Different Runestones provide different effects. Attach to skills on your skill UI.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_Health Quality Level: {VALUE}
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_Extension Quality Level: {VALUE}
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_Speed Quality Level: {VALUE}
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_Life_Steal Quality Level: {VALUE}
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_Impact Quality Level: {VALUE}
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Wizard_ShockPulse {c_gold}Fire Bolts{/c_gold}
Casts out bolts of fire to deal {c_green}{Script Formula 4} - [{Script Formula 3} + {Script Formula 4}]{/c_green} Fire damage per bolt.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Wizard_ShockPulse {c_gold}Lightning Affinity{/c_gold}
Every target hit by a pulse restores {c_green}{Script Formula 15}{/c_green} Arcane Power.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Wizard_StormArmor {c_gold}Strike Back{/c_gold}
Increase the damage of the shock to {c_green}{Script Formula 1} - [{Script Formula 1}+{Script Formula 2}]{/c_green} Lightning damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Witchdoctor_MassConfusion_old Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Witchdoctor_MassConfusion_old Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Witchdoctor_SummonZombieDog_OLD Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Witchdoctor_SummonZombieDog_OLD Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Witchdoctor_SummonZombieDog_OLD Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Witchdoctor_SummonZombieDog_OLD Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Witchdoctor_SummonZombieDog_OLD Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Witchdoctor_Sacrifice_OLD Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Witchdoctor_Sacrifice_OLD Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Witchdoctor_Sacrifice_OLD Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Witchdoctor_Sacrifice_OLD Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Witchdoctor_Sacrifice_OLD Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Witchdoctor_WallOfZombies_OLD NYI
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Witchdoctor_WallOfZombies_OLD NYI
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Witchdoctor_WallOfZombies_OLD NYI
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Witchdoctor_WallOfZombies_OLD NYI
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Witchdoctor_WallOfZombies_OLD NYI
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Witchdoctor_Horrify_old Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Witchdoctor_Horrify_old Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Witchdoctor_Horrify_old Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Witchdoctor_Horrify_old Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Witchdoctor_Horrify_old Blizzcon 2009: Runes are only implemented for the Wizard
AttributeDescriptions_Resistance_Stun +|]% Chance to Resist Stuns
AttributeDescriptions_Resistance_Root +|]% Chance to Resist Roots
AttributeDescriptions_Resistance_Freeze +|]% Chance to Resist Freezes
AttributeDescriptions_Resistance_StunRootFreeze +|]% Chance to Resist Stuns Roots and Freezes
AttributeDescriptions_Fury_Generation_Bonus_Percent +|]%
AttributeDescriptions_Resource_Set_Point_Bonus#Fury +|]
AttributeDescriptions_Experience_Bonus +|].
AttributeDescriptions_Experience_Bonus_Percent Increases experience rewarded per kill by [{Value}*100]%
AttributeDescriptions_Health_Globe_Bonus_Chance +|]%
AttributeDescriptions_Health_Globe_Bonus_Chance_Mult_Percent +|]%
AttributeDescriptions_Health_Globe_Bonus_Health +|] health
AttributeDescriptions_Resource_Max_Bonus#Ammo Increases Ammo by {Value}
AttributeDescriptions_ElixirDuration Elixir Duration: [{Value}/60] minutes.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Wizard_IceArmor_v2 Freeze time increased slightly, and ice armor causes damage. Higher level runes increase freeze time and damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Wizard_IceArmor_v2 Creates an aura of cold around the wizard that has a chance to chill enemies for X seconds. Higher level runes increase the radius and chill chance.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Wizard_IceArmor_v2 When cast a spinning ring of ice surrounds you that does damage to anything next to you. Increases Arcanum cost. Damage, duration, and cost increases with rune level.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Wizard_IceArmor_v2 Getting hit adds X seconds to the Ice Armor duration up to, but not to exceed, the skill's duration. Higher level runes increase the amount of time added.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Wizard_Electrocute {c_gold}Chain Lightning{/c_gold}
Increases the maximum number of jumps to {c_green}{Script Formula 9}{/c_green} enemies.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Wizard_Electrocute {c_gold}Power Surge{/c_gold}
Gain {c_green}{Script Formula 6}{/c_green} Arcane Power for every target hit by Electrocute.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Wizard_EnergyTwister {c_gold}Gale Force{/c_gold}
Increase damage to {c_green}{Script Formula 0}{/c_green} Arcane damage per second.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Wizard_DiamondSkin {c_gold}Prism{/c_gold}
Reduce Arcane Power cost of all spells by {c_green}{Script Formula 4}{/c_green} while Diamond Skin is active.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Wizard_DiamondSkin {c_gold}Diamond Shards{/c_gold}
When Diamond Skin wears off, diamond shards will explode in all directions dealing {c_green}{Script Formula 2} - [{Script Formula 2}+{Script Formula 3}]{/c_green} physical damage to enemies nearby.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Wizard_Hydra {c_gold}Frost Hydra{/c_gold}
Summon Frost Hydras that breathe a short range cone of frost causing {c_green}{Script Formula 4} - [{Script Formula 4} + {Script Formula 5}]{/c_green} Cold damage to all enemies in the cone.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Wizard_Hydra {c_gold}Lightning Hydra{/c_gold}
Summon Lightning Hydras that shock enemies for {c_green}{Script Formula 4} - [{Script Formula 4} + {Script Formula 5}]{/c_green} Lightning damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Wizard_Hydra {c_gold}Venom Hydra{/c_gold}
Summon Poison Breathing Hydras that leave a pool of acid causing {c_green}{Script Formula 4} - [{Script Formula 4} + {Script Formula 5}]{/c_green} Poison damage per second to enemies who remain in the pool.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Wizard_Hydra {c_gold}Brimstone Serpent{/c_gold}
Summon one Mammoth Hydra that breathes a wall of flame at nearby enemies dealing {c_green}{Script Formula 4} - [{Script Formula 4} + {Script Formula 5}]{/c_green} Fire damage per second to enemies caught in the burnin
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Wizard_Hydra {c_gold}Arcane Hydra{/c_gold}
Summon Arcane Hydras that spit Arcane Orbs which explode on impact causing {c_green}{Script Formula 4} - [{Script Formula 4} + {Script Formula 5}]{/c_green} Arcane damage to enemies near the explosion.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Wizard_Meteor {c_gold}Molten Impact{/c_gold}
Increase the damage of the meteor impact to {c_green}{Script Formula 0} - [{Script Formula 0} + {Script Formula 1}]{/c_green} Fire damage and the molten fire will do an additional {c_green}{Script Formula 2} - [{Script Fo
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Wizard_Meteor {c_gold}Meteor Shower{/c_gold}
Unleash a volley of {c_green}{Script Formula 9}{/c_green} smaller meteors that strike for {c_green}{Script Formula 0} - [{Script Formula 0} + {Script Formula 1}]{/c_green} Fire damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Wizard_Meteor {c_gold}Comet{/c_gold}
Transforms the meteor to ice that deals {c_green}{Script Formula 0} - [{Script Formula 0} + {Script Formula 1}]{/c_green} Cold damage on impact and freezes the ground, causing {c_green}{Script Formula 2} - [{Script Formula 2} + {
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Wizard_Meteor {c_gold}Star Pact{/c_gold}
Reduce casting cost to {c_green}{Script Formula 8}{/c_green} Arcane Power.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Wizard_Meteor {c_gold}Liquify{/c_gold}
If the initial impact critically hits any targets the molten fire duration is increased to {c_green}{Script Formula 7}{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Wizard_MagicWeapon_v2 Changes base damage to fire damage. Applies a short term Fire DOT on impact that does a percentage of the weapon's damage. Higher quality runes increase the percentage of damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Wizard_MagicWeapon_v2 Changes based damage to physical damage. Causes knockback. Increased damage and knockback with higher quality runes.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Wizard_MagicWeapon_v2 Every monster killed by this weapon will reduce the Wizard's Instability by a percentage. Higher quality runes increase this percentage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Wizard_MagicWeapon_v2 Damage caused with a melee weapon while this skill is active leeches life and heals the Wizard. Higher level runes increase the life leech amount.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Wizard_MagicWeapon_v2 Changes base damage to electric damage. A percentage of weapon's damage caused will 'arc' to one new target within a limited range. Higher quality runes increase the number of targets that can be arced to and the percentage of damage carried over.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Witchdoctor_AcidCloud {c_gold}Corpse Bomb{/c_gold}
A corpse emerges from the ground and explodes for {c_green}{Script Formula 2} - [{Script Formula 2} + {Script Formula 3}]{/c_green} Poison damage to enemies in the area.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Witchdoctor_AcidCloud {c_gold}Acid Rain{/c_gold}
The initial splash is increased to {c_green}{Script Formula 1}{/c_green} yards and deals {c_green}{Script Formula 2} - [{Script Formula 2} + {Script Formula 3}]{/c_green} Poison damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Witchdoctor_AcidCloud {c_gold}Lob Blob Bomb{/c_gold}
The acid on the ground forms into a slime that irradiates nearby enemies for {c_green}{Script Formula 8}{/c_green} Poison damage per second. The slime will survive for {c_green}{Script Formula 20}{/c_green} seconds before
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Witchdoctor_AcidCloud {c_gold}Slow Burn{/c_gold}
Increases the duration of the acid pools to {c_green}{Script Formula 5}{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Witchdoctor_AcidCloud {c_gold}Kiss of Death{/c_gold}
Spit a cloud of acid that inflict {c_green}{Script Formula 2} - [{Script Formula 2} + {Script Formula 3}]{/c_green} Poison damage followed by {c_green}{Script Formula 8}{/c_green} Poison damage per second to enemies who r
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Barbarian_Earthquake {c_gold}Aftershocks{/c_gold}
Secondary tremors knock enemies back and inflict {c_green}[{Script Formula 14}*100]%{/c_green} weapon damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Barbarian_Earthquake {c_gold}Giant's Stride{/c_gold}
Secondary tremors follow the Barbarian's movement and inflict {c_green}[{Script Formula 14}*100]%{/c_green} weapon damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Barbarian_Earthquake {c_gold}Chilling Earth{/c_gold}
Creates an icy patch causing Eathquake's damage to turn cold and slow the movement of enemies by {c_green}[{Script Formula 13}*100}]%{/c_green}.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Barbarian_Earthquake {c_gold}Flying Boulder{/c_gold}
Project secondary tremors up to {c_green}{Script Formula 10}{/c_green} yards ahead of the Barbarian that inflict {c_green}[{Script Formula 14}*100]%{/c_green} weapon damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Monk_MysticAlly {c_gold}Fire Ally{/c_gold}
Imbue the ally with the essence of fire. The ally gains the ability to Fire Kick for {c_green}{Script Formula 3} - [{Script Formula 3}+{Script Formula 4}]{/c_green} Fire damage plus an additional {c_green}{Script Formula 8}{/
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Monk_MysticAlly {c_gold}Water Ally{/c_gold}
Imbue the ally with the essence of water. The ally gains the ability to perform a wave attack that deals {c_green}{Script Formula 9} - [{Script Formula 9}+{Script Formula 10}]{/c_green} physical damage and slows the movement
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Wizard_RayOfFrost {c_gold}Black Ice{/c_gold}
Enemies who die leave a patch of ice on the ground that causes {c_green}{Script Formula 3} - [{Script Formula 3} + {Script Formula 23}]{/c_green} Cold damage per second to enemies moving through it.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Barbarian_Leap {c_gold}Death from Above{/c_gold}
Land with such force that enemies suffer a {c_green}[{Script Formula 37}*100]%{/c_green} chance to become stunned for {c_green}{Script Formula 38}{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Barbarian_Leap 1|]{/c_green} yards of the origin of the jump take {c_green}[{Script Formula 30}*100]%{/c_green} weapon damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Barbarian_Leap {c_gold}Toppling Impact{/c_gold}
Send enemies hurtling {c_green}{Script Formula 17}{/c_green} yards into other nearby enemies who suffer {c_green}[{Script Formula 22}*100]%{/c_green} weapon damage and are pushed back in a chain up to {c_green}{Script F
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Barbarian_Leap 1|]{/c_green} yards away.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Witchdoctor_Firebats {c_gold}Dire Bats{/c_gold}
Summon fewer but larger bats that travel up to {c_green}{Script Formula 10}{/c_green} yards and hit for {c_green}{Script Formula 15} - [{Script Formula 15} + {Script Formula 16}]{/c_green} Fire damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Witchdoctor_Firebats {c_gold}Hungry Bats{/c_gold}
Rapidly summon bats to seek out nearby targets for {c_green}{Script Formula 18} - [{Script Formula 18}+{Script Formula 20}]{/c_green} Fire damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Witchdoctor_Firebats {c_gold}Plague Bats{/c_gold}
Enemies in the area are plagued. Damage is slow at first, but can increase over time to a maximum of {c_green}[{Script Formula 12}*{Script Formula 22}]{/c_green} Poison damage per second.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Witchdoctor_Firebats {c_gold}Vampire Bats{/c_gold}
{c_green}[{Script Formula 14} * 100]%{/c_green} of damage done by the bats is gained as Life.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Witchdoctor_Firebats {c_gold}Cloud of Bats{/c_gold}
Call forth a swirl of bats to damage nearby enemies for {c_green}{Script Formula 1} - [{Script Formula 1}+{Script Formula 2}]{/c_green} Fire damage per second.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Barbarian_Rampage Sends out a shockwave inflicting {c_green}[{Script Formula 18} * 100]% weapon damage{/c_green} to all enemies in an arc.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Barbarian_Rampage Throws axes at enemies within {c_green}{Script Formula 11} yards{/c_green} if there are no enemies in melee range, inflicting {c_green}[{Script Formula 17} * 100]% damage{/c_green} with each axe.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Barbarian_Rampage Each hit has a {c_green}[{Script Formula 7} * 100]%{/c_green} chance to restore {c_green}[{Script Formula 8} * 100]%{/c_green} Life.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Barbarian_Rampage Killing an enemy grants an extra attack that inflicts {c_green}[100 + {Script Formula 9} * 100]% damage{/c_green}.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Barbarian_Rampage Additional strikes on the same creature have an extra {c_green}[{Script Formula 6} *100]% critical chance{/c_green} and {c_green}[{Script Formula 5} *100]% damage{/c_green}, stacking up to {c_green}{Script Formula 4} times{/c_green} on each enemy.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Witchdoctor_Locust_Swarm {c_gold}Searing Locusts{/c_gold}
Ignite the locusts with fire causing them to deal {c_green}{Script Formula 0}{/c_green} Fire damage per second.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Witchdoctor_Locust_Swarm {c_gold}Pestilence{/c_gold}
When the swarm jumps there is a {c_green}[{Script Formula 16} * 100]%{/c_green} chance to jump to two targets instead of one.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Witchdoctor_Locust_Swarm {c_gold}Cloud of Insects{/c_gold}
Increase the duration of the swarm to {c_green}{Script Formula 1}{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#FallenHoundLeap Damaging/knockback rock spikes shoot up behind enemies, knocking most of them towards the Barbarian.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#FallenHoundLeap Causes Knockback. Knocked back creatures emit an AoE damage upon landing. Any monster hit by that damage emits AOE again, and so on. (Domino effect.)
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#FallenHoundLeap Double Jump. Clicking mid jump does minor AoE to current location and changes heading.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#FallenHoundLeap Each monster killed on landing adds Fury.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#FallenHoundLeap Chance to Stun.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Wizard_RayOfFrost 1|]{/c_green} seconds to inflict a maximum of {c_green}{Script Formula 20} - [{Script Formula 20} + {Script Formula 21}]{/c_green} Cold damage per second.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Wizard_RayOfFrost {c_gold}Sleet Storm{/c_gold}
Create a swirling storm of sleet dealing {c_green}{Script Formula 6} - [{Script Formula 6} + {Script Formula 22}]{/c_green} Cold damage per second to all enemies caught within it.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Wizard_RayOfFrost 1|]{/c_green} seconds, but damage is reduced to {c_green}{Script Formula 26} - [{Script Formula 26} + {Script Formula 2
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Wizard_RayOfFrost {c_gold}Cold Blood{/c_gold}
Reduce casting cost to {c_green}{Script Formula 19}{/c_green} Arcane Power per second.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Barbarian_Leap {c_gold}Iron Impact{/c_gold}
Gain {c_green}[{Script Formula 33}*100]%{/c_green} additional armor for {c_green}{Script Formula 36}{/c_green} seconds after landing.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Witchdoctor_SoulHarvest {c_gold}Languish{/c_gold}
Reduces the movement speed of enemies by {c_green}[{Script Formula 10} * 100]%{/c_green} for {c_green}{Script Formula 11}{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Witchdoctor_PlagueOfToads {c_gold}Explosive Toads{/c_gold}
Mutate to red bullfrogs that explode for {c_green}{Script Formula 17} - [{Script Formula 17} + {Script Formula 18}]{/c_green} Fire damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Witchdoctor_PlagueOfToads 1|]{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Witchdoctor_PlagueOfToads {c_gold}Toad of Hugeness{/c_gold}
Summon a giant toad that swallows enemies whole for up to {c_green}{Script Formula 23}{/c_green} seconds, digesting for {c_green}[{Script formula 22}]{/c_green} physical damage per second.

This rune adds a {c_
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Witchdoctor_PoisonDart_TMP Turns the blow dart into a fire dart that deals all of its damage up front
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Witchdoctor_PoisonDart_TMP Multi-dart, like the insects from stinging winds
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Witchdoctor_PoisonDart_TMP Target is slowed by [{Script Formula 5} * 100]% for {Script Formula 6} seconds
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Witchdoctor_PoisonDart_TMP Gain {Script Formula 10} mana everytime a poison dart hits a target.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Witchdoctor_PoisonDart_TMP Converts the dart into a snake that wraps around the target and stuns it for {Script Formula 8} seconds.

Using this rune adds an {Cooldown Time} second cooldown to this skill.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Monk_ExplodingPalm_v2OLD DOT lasts longer and will stack if applied multiple times. Stacking the DOT refreshes the duration.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Monk_ExplodingPalm_v2OLD Stage 3 places the DOT on multiple targets, preferably through a 'zeal-like' effect, but a 'cleave-like' effect could work if it limits the number of targets hit. Higher level runes will increase the number of targets up to a cap, and will also increase DO
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Monk_ExplodingPalm_v2OLD Stage 1 and 2 add a stacking debuff that causes the DOT to do more damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Monk_ExplodingPalm_v2OLD The DOT leeches Spirit back to the Monk.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Monk_ExplodingPalm_v2OLD Monsters that die to a monster explosion have a chance to explode for lesser damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Monk_ExplodingPalm_v2StartedRedoing DOT lasts longer and will stack if applied multiple times. Stacking the DOT refreshes the duration.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Monk_ExplodingPalm_v2StartedRedoing Stage 3 places the DOT on multiple targets, preferably through a 'zeal-like' effect, but a 'cleave-like' effect could work if it limits the number of targets hit. Higher level runes will increase the number of targets up to a cap, and will also increase DO
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Monk_ExplodingPalm_v2StartedRedoing Stage 1 and 2 add a stacking debuff that causes the DOT to do more damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Monk_ExplodingPalm_v2StartedRedoing The DOT leeches Spirit back to the Monk.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Monk_ExplodingPalm_v2StartedRedoing Monsters that die to a monster explosion have a chance to explode for lesser damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Barbarian_GroundStomp_v2OLD Enemies in the area take {c_green}[{Script Formula 6} * 100]% weapon damage{/c_green} and receive a {c_green}[{Script Formula 7} * 100]% resistance{/c_green} debuff.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Barbarian_GroundStomp_v2OLD Increases the area of effect to {c_green}[{Script Formula 0}] feet{/c_green}, and creatures are drawn in slightly before the strike lands.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Barbarian_GroundStomp_v2OLD TEMP TEMP TEMP
Enemies are knocked back {c_green}{Script Formula 11} feet{/c_green} and inflict {c_green}{Script Formula 9} damage{/c_green} where they land.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Barbarian_GroundStomp_v2OLD Reduces cooldown time to{c_green} {Cooldown Time} seconds{/c_green}.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Barbarian_GroundStomp_v2OLD Enemies in the area are slowed for {c_green}[{Script Formula 4}] seconds{/c_green} after they recover from being stunned.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Wizard_IceArmor_v2 Chance to cast a weak frost nova when a monster hits the wizard. Frost nova is cast on the location of the monster doing the hitting. Frost nova may have a lower chill time, damage, and freeze chance than normal frost nova. Higher level runes increase chil
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Wizard_IceArmor {c_gold}Ice Reflect{/c_gold}
Attacks have a {c_green}[{Script Formula 12}*100]%{/c_green} chance to create a Frost Nova on the attacker dealing {c_green}{Script Formula 13} - [{Script Formula 13} + {Script Formula 14}]{/c_green} Cold damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Wizard_IceArmor {c_gold}Crystallize{/c_gold}
Whenever you are struck by a melee attack the bonus armor granted by Ice Armor is increased by {c_green}[{Script Formula 26} * 100]%{/c_green} for {c_green}{Script Formula 27}{/c_green} seconds. This effect can stack up to
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Wizard_IceArmor {c_gold}Frozen Storm{/c_gold}
A whirling storm of ice builds around you that deals {c_green}{Script Formula 9} - [{Script Formula 9}+{Script Formula 10}]{/c_green} Cold damage per second for {c_green}{Script Formula 8}{/c_green} seconds after casting I
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Wizard_IceArmor 1|]{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Wizard_IceArmor 1|]{/c_green} |4second:seconds;.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Wizard_Electrocute {c_gold}Ball Lightning{/c_gold}
Creates a streak of lightning that pierces targets, hitting all enemies in its path for {c_green}{Script Formula 0} - [{Script Formula 0}+{Script Formula 1}]{/c_green} Lightning damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Wizard_Electrocute {c_gold}Arc Lightning{/c_gold}
Blast a cone of lightning that causes {c_green}{Script Formula 0} - [{Script Formula 0}+{Script Formula 1}]{/c_green} Lightning damage to all affected targets.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Wizard_Electrocute {c_gold}Shock Treatment{/c_gold}
Critical hits with this skill cause an explosion of {c_green}{Script Formula 14}{/c_green} charged bolts in random directions, dealing {c_green}{Script Formula 12} - [{Script Formula 12}+{Script Formula 13}]{/c_green} L
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Wizard_MagicWeapon {c_gold}Blood Magic{/c_gold}
Melee hits recover {c_green}[{Script Formula 12} * 100]%{/c_green} of damage caused as Life.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Witchdoctor_Locust_Swarm {c_gold}Devouring Swarm{/c_gold}
Convert {c_green}[{Script Formula 10} * 100]%{/c_green} of the damage done as Mana for the Witch Doctor.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Witchdoctor_Locust_Swarm {c_gold}Diseased Swarm{/c_gold}
Targets killed by the Locust Swarm leave behind a disease cloud that deals {c_green}[{Script Formula 12}]{/c_green} Poison damage per second to enemies in the cloud. The cloud lasts {c_green}{Script Formula 11}{/c_green
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Witchdoctor_SoulHarvest {c_gold}Siphon{/c_gold}
Gain {c_green}{Script Formula 9}{/c_green} Life for every affected enemy.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Witchdoctor_SoulHarvest {c_gold}Soul to Waste{/c_gold}
Increases duration of the effect to {c_green}{Script Formula 7}{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Witchdoctor_SoulHarvest {c_gold}Swallow Your Soul{/c_gold}
Gain {c_green}{Script Formula 4}{/c_green} Mana for every affected enemy.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Witchdoctor_SoulHarvest {c_gold}Vengeful Spirit{/c_gold}
Affected enemies also take {c_green}{Script Formula 1} - [{Script Formula 0}+{Script Formula 1}]{/c_green} physical damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Witchdoctor_PlagueOfToads {c_gold}Toad Affinity{/c_gold}
Reduces Mana cost to {c_green}{Script Formula 2}{/c_green} Mana.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Wizard_MagicWeapon {c_gold}Conduit{/c_gold}
Melee hits restore {c_green}[{Script Formula 11} * 100]%{/c_green} Arcane Power.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Wizard_MagicWeapon {c_gold}Force Weapon{/c_gold}
Increases damage bonus to {c_green}[{Script Formula 14} * 100]%{/c_green} physical damage, and gives a {c_green}[{Script Formula 9}*100]%{/c_green} chance to knock back any enemies hit.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Wizard_MagicWeapon {c_gold}Electrify{/c_gold}
Melee attacks cause lightning to arc to {c_green}{Script Formula 6}{/c_green} nearby enemies dealing {c_green}[{Script Formula 7} * 100]%{/c_green} of weapon damage as Lightning damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Wizard_MagicWeapon {c_gold}Ignite{/c_gold}
Melee attacks burn enemies with fire for {c_green}[{Script Formula 4} * 100]%{/c_green} of weapon damage for {c_green}{Script Formula 3}{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Barbarian_Rampage_OLD Slashing - Each additional strike on the same creature increases accuracy and crit-chance against the creature.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Barbarian_Rampage_OLD Sweeping - First hit cleaves. AOE increases with Rune.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Barbarian_Rampage_OLD Throwing - If no melee targets remain the Barbarian will use the remaining attacks to throw axes at nearby targets.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Barbarian_Rampage_OLD Invigorating - Each strike generates a small amount of Fury. MAX FURY: The Barbarian's health regenerates while he is at maximum fury level.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Barbarian_Rampage_OLD Gruesome - Killing a monster grants an additional hit with a greatly increased critical chance.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Barbarian_Rend {c_gold}Lacerate{/c_gold}
Increases damage to {c_green}[{Script Formula 0}*{Script Formula 1}*100]%{/c_green} weapon damage every second for {c_green}{Script Formula 15}{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Barbarian_Rend {c_gold}Ravage{/c_gold}
Increases the range to deal {c_green}[{Script Formula 20}*100]%{/c_green} weapon damage every second for {c_green}{Script Formula 15}{/c_green} seconds to all enemies within {c_green}[{Script Formula 2}+{Script Formula 16}]{/c_g
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Barbarian_Rend {c_gold}Mutilate{/c_gold}
Increase bleeding duration to {c_green}[{Script Formula 5}]{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Barbarian_Rend {c_gold}Blood Lust{/c_gold}
Gain {c_green}[{Script Formula 8}*100]%{/c_green} of the damage done by Rend as Life.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Barbarian_Rend {c_gold}Bloodbath{/c_gold}
Enemies killed while bleeding cause all enemies within {c_green}{Script Formula 19}{/c_green} yards to begin bleeding for {c_green}[{Script Formula 7}*100]%{/c_green} weapon damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Barbarian_Leap_OLD Damaging/knockback rock spikes shoot up behind enemies, knocking most of them towards the Barbarian.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Barbarian_Leap_OLD Causes Knockback. Knocked back creatures emit an AoE damage upon landing. Any monster hit by that damage emits AOE again, and so on. (Domino effect.)
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Barbarian_Leap_OLD Double Jump. Clicking mid jump does minor AoE to current location and changes heading.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Barbarian_Leap_OLD Each monster killed on landing adds Fury.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Barbarian_Leap_OLD Chance to Stun.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Barbarian_Whirlwind_OLD Shoots bits of rock and gravel in every direction for AOE damage while the Barbarian moves.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Barbarian_Whirlwind_OLD Monsters close to the Barbarian are dragged towards him while skill is active.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Barbarian_Whirlwind_OLD Breaks and makes Barbarian immune to all slow and immobilize effects while skill is active.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Barbarian_Whirlwind_OLD Reduced Fury Requirement to use skill. MAX FURY: Knockback added.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Barbarian_Whirlwind_OLD Player can steer whirlwind by holding down the activation button. Turn rate will be limited, but increased by higher quality runes.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Barbarian_Bash {c_gold}Rowdy{/c_gold}
Generate {c_green}{Script Formula 10}{/c_green} additional Fury per attack.
Affixes_LightningResist VIII Serene Bedlam
Affixes_LightningResist IX Tranquil Pandemonium
Affixes_LightningResist X Serene
Affixes_LightningResist XI Serene Imbued
Affixes_LightningResist XII Halcyon
Affixes_PoisonResist I Pure Emerald
Affixes_PoisonResist II Pure Pure
Affixes_PoisonResist III Pure Pristine
Affixes_PoisonResist IV Pure
Affixes_PoisonResist V Untarnished Chaste
Affixes_PoisonResist VI Untarnished
Affixes_PoisonResist VII Untarnished
Affixes_PoisonResist VIII Untarnished
Affixes_PoisonResist IX Pristine
Affixes_PoisonResist X Pristine
Affixes_PoisonResist XI Pristine
Affixes_PoisonResist XII Immaculate
Affixes_ArcaneResist I Warding
Affixes_ArcaneResist II Warding Mental
Affixes_ArcaneResist III Warding Nebulous
Affixes_ArcaneResist IV Warding Eclipsed
Affixes_ArcaneResist V Beguiling Beguiling
Affixes_ArcaneResist VI Beguiling
Affixes_ArcaneResist VII Beguiling
Affixes_ArcaneResist VIII Beguiling
Affixes_ArcaneResist IX Nullifying Majestic
Affixes_ArcaneResist X Nullifying Majestic
Affixes_ArcaneResist XI Nullifying Bedeviled
Affixes_ArcaneResist XII Eclipsing Majestic
Affixes_Att 1 of the Lion
Affixes_Vit 1 of the Ox of the Impala
Affixes_Vit 2 of the Ox of Discipline
Affixes_Vit 3 of the Ox of Perseverance
Affixes_Vit 4 of the Ox
Affixes_Vit 5 of the Ox of the Ox
Affixes_Vit 6 of the Ox Unrelenting
Affixes_Vit 7 of Fortitude Stubborn
Affixes_Vit 8 of Fortitude Chivalry
Affixes_Vit 9 of Fortitude Stalwart
Affixes_Vit 10 of Fortitude of Fitness
Affixes_Vit 11 of Fortitude of the Jackal
Affixes_Vit 12 of Fortitude of Invigoration
Affixes_Vit 13 of Valor Bravery
Affixes_Vit 14 of Valor Courage
Affixes_Vit 15 of Valor
Affixes_Vit 16 of Valor
Affixes_Vit 17 of Glory of Brawn
Affixes_AllStats 1 of Mastery
Affixes_AllStats 2 of Mastery
Affixes_AllStats 3 of Mastery
Affixes_AllStats 4 of Excellence of Excellence
Affixes_AllStats 5 of Excellence
Affixes_AllStats 6 of Dominance of Perfection
Affixes_AllStats 7 of Dominance of Ascendance
Affixes_AllStats 8 of Perfection of the Nephalem
Affixes_Life 1 of the Bear of the Bear
Affixes_Life 2 of the Bear
Affixes_Life 3 of the Bear
Affixes_Life 4 of the Bear
Affixes_Life 5 of the Bear
Affixes_Life 6 of Fortitude
Affixes_Life 7 of Fortitude
Affixes_Life 8 of Fortitude
Affixes_Life 9 of Fortitude
Affixes_Life 10 of Fortitude of the Undying
Affixes_Life 11 of Tenacity of Tenacity
Affixes_Life 12 of Tenacity
Affixes_Life 13 of Tenacity
Affixes_Life 14 of Tenacity
Affixes_Life 15 of Perseverance of Longevity
Affixes_MinDam 1 of Slaying of Craftsmanship
Affixes_MinDam 2 of Slaying
Affixes_MinDam 3 of Slaying of Devestation
Affixes_MinDam 4 of Slaying
Affixes_MinDam 5 of Slaying
Affixes_MinDam 6 of Destruction
Affixes_MinDam 7 of Destruction
Affixes_MinDam 8 of Destruction
Affixes_MinDam 9 of Destruction
Affixes_MinDam 10 of Severing of Slaying
Affixes_MinDam 11 of Severing
Affixes_MinDam 12 of Severing
Affixes_MinDam 13 of Severing of Severity
Affixes_MinDam 14 of Devastation of Damnation
Affixes_MaxDam 1 of Thrashing of the Tiger
Affixes_MaxDam 2 of Thrashing
Affixes_MaxDam 3 of Thrashing
Affixes_MaxDam 4 of Thrashing
Affixes_MaxDam 5 of Strife
Affixes_MaxDam 6 of Strife
Affixes_MaxDam 7 of Strife
Affixes_MaxDam 8 of Strife of Rage
Affixes_MaxDam 9 of Strife of Punishment
Affixes_MaxDam 10 of Malice of Wrath
Affixes_MaxDam 11 of Malice
Affixes_MaxDam 12 of Malice
Affixes_MaxDam 13 of Malice
Affixes_MaxDam 14 of Punishment
Affixes_MinMaxDam 1 of Wounding of Gore
Affixes_MinMaxDam 2 of Wounding of Wounding
Affixes_MinMaxDam 3 of Wounding
Affixes_MinMaxDam 4 of Wounding
Affixes_MinMaxDam 5 of Agony
Affixes_MinMaxDam 6 of Agony
Affixes_MinMaxDam 7 of Agony
Affixes_MinMaxDam 8 of Agony
Affixes_MinMaxDam 9 of Maiming
Affixes_MinMaxDam 10 of Maiming Calamity
Affixes_MinMaxDam 11 of Maiming
Affixes_MinMaxDam 12 of Maiming of Misery
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Barbarian_Bash {c_gold}Onslaught{/c_gold}
Add {c_green}[{Script Formula 1}-1]{/c_green} reverberation that causes {c_green}[{Script Formula 12}/({Script Formula 1}-1)*100]%{/c_green} weapon damage per strike.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Barbarian_Bash {c_gold}Beat Down{/c_gold}
Each attack grants a {c_green}[{Script Formula 2}*100]%{/c_green} damage boost for {c_green}{Script Formula 11}{/c_green} seconds. This effect stacks up to {c_green}{Script Formula 4}{/c_green} times.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Barbarian_Bash 1|]{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Holy +{VALUE} Holy Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage#Holy (pair) +{VALUE}-[{VALUE}+{VALUE2}] Holy Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Affinity#Holy Skills do [{VALUE}*100]% more Holy Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Barbarian_WeaponThrow {c_gold}Mighty Throw{/c_gold}
Increase thrown weapon damage to {c_green}[{Script Formula 15}*100]%{/c_green} weapon damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Barbarian_WeaponThrow {c_gold}Ricochet{/c_gold}
Angle the weapon to ricochet and hit up to {c_green}[{Script Formula 5} + 1]{/c_green} targets within {c_green}{Script Formula 12}{/c_green} yards of each other.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Barbarian_WeaponThrow 1|]{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Barbarian_WeaponThrow {c_gold}Dread Shotput{/c_gold}
Expend all remaining Fury to throw a fallen foe which inflicts an additional {c_green}[{Script Formula 18}*100]%{/c_green} weapon damage for each point of Fury expended to all enemies within {c_green}{Script Formula 19}{/
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Barbarian_WeaponThrow {c_gold}Stupefy{/c_gold}
Aim for the head, causing your target to be confused and attack other enemies for {c_green}{Script Formula 10}{/c_green} seconds.
AttributeDescriptions_WeaponDamage#Holy (pair) +{VALUE}-{VALUE2} Holy Damage
AttributeDescriptions_Damage_Type_Percent_Bonus#Holy Adds [{VALUE}*100]% holy damage
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Monk_MantraOfConviction {c_gold}Overawe{/c_gold}
Increases Mantra strength so that enemies take {c_green}[{Script Formula 2}*100]%{/c_green} additional damage.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_B#Monk_MantraOfConviction {c_gold}Submission{/c_gold}
Enemies affected by Mantra of Conviction take {c_green}{Script Formula 12} - [{Script Formula 12} + {Script Formula 16}]{/c_green} Holy damage per second.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_C#Monk_MantraOfConviction {c_gold}Demoralize{/c_gold}
Slows the movement of enemies within {c_green}{Script Formula 8}{/c_green} yards{/c_green} by {c_green}[{Script Formula 7}*100]%{/c_green}.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_D#Monk_MantraOfConviction {c_gold}Reclamation{/c_gold}
You and your allies have a {c_green}[{Script Formula 13}*100]%{/c_green} chance to be healed for {c_green}{Script Formula 14} - [{Script Formula 14} + {Script Formula 17}]{/c_green} Life when striking an enemy under the eff
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_E#Monk_MantraOfConviction {c_gold}Intimidation{/c_gold}
Enemies affected by Mantra of Conviction inflict {c_green}[{Script Formula 10}*100]%{/c_green} less damage{/c_green}.
AttributeDescriptions_Rune_A#Monk_Serenity {c_gold}Peaceful Repose{/c_gold}
Heal yourself for {c_green}{Script Formula 1} - [{Script Formula 1} + {Script Formula 13}]{/c_green} Life when Serenity is activated.
Affixes_FireD 1 of Flame
Affixes_FireD 2 of Flame
Affixes_FireD 3 of Flame of Ashes
Affixes_FireD 4 of Flame
Affixes_FireD 5 of Flame
Affixes_FireD 6 of Immolation
Affixes_FireD 7 of Immolation
Affixes_FireD 8 of Immolation
Affixes_FireD 9 of Immolation
Affixes_FireD 10 of Scorching
Affixes_FireD 11 of Scorching
Affixes_FireD 12 of Scorching
Affixes_FireD 13 of Scorching
Affixes_FireD 14 of Incineration Catastrophe
Affixes_ColdD 1 of Winter of the North
Affixes_ColdD 2 of Winter of the North
Affixes_ColdD 3 of Winter of the Cliffs
Affixes_ColdD 4 of Winter of the Arctic
Affixes_ColdD 5 of Frost
Affixes_ColdD 6 of Frost
Affixes_ColdD 7 of Frost of the Yeti
Affixes_ColdD 8 of Frost
Affixes_ColdD 9 of Frost of Winter
Affixes_ColdD 10 of Shivers
Affixes_ColdD 11 of Shivers
Affixes_ColdD 12 of Shivers of Chill
Affixes_ColdD 13 of Shivers of Ice
Affixes_ColdD 14 of the Avalanche of the Avalanche
Affixes_LightningD 1 of the Eel
Affixes_LightningD 2 of the Eel of the Tempest
Affixes_LightningD 3 of the Eel
Affixes_LightningD 4 of the Eel
Affixes_LightningD 5 of Storms
Affixes_LightningD 6 of Storms of Insight
Affixes_LightningD 7 of Storms
Affixes_LightningD 8 of Storms
Affixes_LightningD 9 of Storms Upheaval
Affixes_LightningD 10 of Discord of the Hurricane
Affixes_LightningD 11 of Discord
Affixes_LightningD 12 of Discord Lunacy
Affixes_LightningD 13 of Discord Hysteria
Affixes_LightningD 14 of Conflagration Delirium
Affixes_PoisonD 1 of the Snake
Affixes_PoisonD 2 of the Snake
Affixes_PoisonD 3 of the Snake
Affixes_PoisonD 4 of the Snake
Affixes_PoisonD 5 of Lesions of Illness
Affixes_PoisonD 6 of Lesions of Lesions
Affixes_PoisonD 7 of Lesions
Affixes_PoisonD 8 of Lesions
Affixes_PoisonD 9 of Sores
Affixes_PoisonD 10 of Sores
Affixes_PoisonD 11 of Sores
Affixes_PoisonD 12 of Sores
Affixes_PoisonD 13 of Sores
Affixes_PoisonD 14 of Blight
Affixes_ArcaneD 1 of the Raven of the Cosmos
Affixes_ArcaneD 2 of the Raven of Thought
Affixes_ArcaneD 3 of the Raven of the Mind
Affixes_ArcaneD 4 of the Raven of the Raven
Affixes_ArcaneD 5 of the Raven of the Old Ones
Affixes_ArcaneD 6 of Infinity of Moonlight
Affixes_ArcaneD 7 of Infinity of Star Fire
Affixes_ArcaneD 8 of Infinity of Starlight
Affixes_ArcaneD 9 of Infinity of Madness
Affixes_ArcaneD 10 of the Void of Insanity
Affixes_ArcaneD 11 of the Void of the Void
Affixes_ArcaneD 12 of the Void from Beyond
Affixes_ArcaneD 13 of the Void of the Void
Affixes_ArcaneD 14 from Beyond of the Owl
Affixes_Haste 1 of the Hare of the Hare
Affixes_Haste 2 of the Hare of the Whirlwind
Affixes_Haste 3 of the Hare of the Zephyr
Affixes_Haste 4 of Celerity of Celerity
Affixes_Haste 5 of Celerity of Recklessness
Affixes_Haste 6 of Celerity
Affixes_Haste 7 of Haste
Affixes_Haste 8 of Haste
Affixes_Haste 9 of Haste
Affixes_Haste 10 of Zeal of Celerity
Affixes_Cast 1 of the Oracle of the Oracle
Affixes_Cast 2 of the Oracle of the Oracle
Affixes_Cast 3 of the Oracle of the Oracle
Affixes_Cast 4 of Brilliance of Brilliance
Affixes_Cast 5 of Brilliance of the Magus
Affixes_Cast 6 of Brilliance of Sorcery
Affixes_Cast 7 of Moonlight Severity
Affixes_Cast 8 of Moonlight Resolve
Affixes_Cast 9 of Moonlight Rampant, of Thaumaturgy
Affixes_Cast 10 of Prophecy of the Magus
Affixes_LifeS 1 of the Vampire Roaring
Affixes_LifeS 2 of the Fiend
Affixes_LifeS 3 of Ichor
Affixes_LifeS 4 of Exsanguination
Affixes_Regen 1 of the Lizard of the Lizard
Affixes_Regen 2 of the Lizard of Scales
Affixes_Regen 3 of the Lizard Audacity
Affixes_Regen 4 of the Lizard
Affixes_Regen 5 of the Lizard
Affixes_Regen 6 of the Lizard
Affixes_Regen 7 of Longevity Fortitude
Affixes_Regen 8 of Longevity
Affixes_Regen 9 of Longevity
Affixes_Regen 10 of Longevity of Regeneration
Affixes_Regen 12 of Longevity
Affixes_Regen 13 of the Undying
Affixes_Regen 14 of the Undying
Affixes_Regen 15 of the Undying
Affixes_Regen 16 of the Undying the Everliving
Affixes_Regen 17 of the Undying of the Undying
Affixes_Regen 18 of Immortality of Immortality
Affixes_Block 1 of the Tortoise
Affixes_Block 2 of the Tortoise
Affixes_Block 3 of Deflection
Affixes_Block 4 of Deflection
Affixes_Block 5 of Deflection
Affixes_Block 6 of Interception
Affixes_Block 7 of Interception of the Stronghold
Affixes_Block 8 of Interception
Affixes_Block 9 of Invulnerability
Affixes_Thorns 1 of Thorns of the Porcupine
Affixes_Thorns 2 of Thorns of the Rose
Affixes_Thorns 3 of Thorns of Spikes
Affixes_Thorns 4 of Thorns of Quills
Affixes_Thorns 5 of Thorns of Blades
Affixes_Thorns 6 of Barbs of Razors
Affixes_Thorns 7 of Barbs of Teeth
Affixes_Thorns 8 of Barbs
Affixes_Thorns 9 of Barbs
Affixes_Thorns 10 of Barbs of Spines
Affixes_Thorns 11 of Spikes
Affixes_Thorns 12 of Spikes
Affixes_Thorns 13 of Spikes
Affixes_Thorns 14 of Spikes
Affixes_Thorns 15 of Razors
Affixes_Run 1 of the Cheetah
Affixes_Run 2 of Expedition of Haste
Affixes_Run 3 of the Journeyman of the Swift Wind
Affixes_Run 4 of the Swift Wind of the Courier
Affixes_Run 5 of Speed
Affixes_DR 1 of the Tower of Protection
Affixes_DR 2 of the Tower of the Wall
Affixes_DR 3 of the Tower of the Sentry
Affixes_DR 4 of the Tower of the Ramparts
Affixes_DR 5 of the Tower of Protection
Affixes_DR 6 of the Tower of the Castle
Affixes_DR 7 of the Stronghold of Fortification
Affixes_DR 8 of the Stronghold of the Barricade
Affixes_DR 9 of the Stronghold
Affixes_DR 10 of the Stronghold of the Tower
Affixes_DR 11 of the Stronghold of the Castle
Affixes_DR 12 of the Stronghold of Fortification
Affixes_DR 13 of the Fortress of Fortification
Affixes_DR 14 of the Fortress of the Ramparts
Affixes_DR 15 of the Fortress
Affixes_DR 16 of the Fortress of the Aegis
Affixes_DR 17 of the Fortress
Affixes_DR 18 of the Fortress
Affixes_DR 19 of the Castle of the Ivory Tower
Affixes_HitMana 1 of the Bat
Affixes_HitMana 2 of the Bat
Affixes_HitMana 3 of the Bat
Affixes_HitMana 4 of the Bat of Witchcraft
Affixes_HitMana 5 of Craving
Affixes_HitMana 6 of Craving
Affixes_HitMana 7 of Craving
Affixes_HitMana 8 of Craving
Affixes_HitMana 9 of Draining
Affixes_HitMana 10 of Draining
Affixes_HitMana 11 of Draining
Affixes_HitMana 12 of Devouring inspiration
Affixes_KillMana 1 of Decimation of Vengeance
Affixes_KillMana 2 of Decimation
Affixes_KillMana 3 of Decimation
Affixes_KillMana 4 of Decimation
Affixes_KillMana 5 of Eradication
Affixes_KillMana 6 of Eradication
Affixes_KillMana 7 of Eradication
Affixes_KillMana 8 of Eradication
Affixes_KillMana 9 of Obliteration
Affixes_KillMana 10 of Obliteration
Affixes_KillMana 11 of Obliteration
Affixes_KillMana 12 of Annihilation
Affixes_HitLife 1 of the Leech
Affixes_HitLife 2 of the Leech of Biting
Affixes_HitLife 3 of the Leech
Affixes_HitLife 4 of the Leech
Affixes_HitLife 5 of Carnage
Affixes_HitLife 6 of Carnage
Affixes_HitLife 7 of Carnage
Affixes_HitLife 8 of Carnage of Carnage
Affixes_HitLife 9 of Gore of Gore
Affixes_HitLife 10 of Gore
Affixes_HitLife 11 of Gore
Affixes_HitLife 12 of Mangling
Affixes_KillLife 1 of Slaughter of the Bull
Affixes_KillLife 2 of Slaughter mutiliation
Affixes_KillLife 3 of Slaughter
Affixes_KillLife 4 of Slaughter of Phantoms
Affixes_KillLife 5 of Mutiliation of Slaughter
Affixes_KillLife 6 of Mutiliation
Affixes_KillLife 7 of Mutiliation
Affixes_KillLife 8 of Mutiliation
Affixes_KillLife 9 of Extermination
Affixes_KillLife 10 of Extermination of Conquest
Affixes_KillLife 11 of Extermination
Affixes_KillLife 12 of Terror
Affixes_HealthGlobeBonus 1 of Recovery of the Adventurer
Affixes_HealthGlobeBonus 2 of Recovery of Euphoria
Affixes_Socketed Socketed
Affixes_Damage I Ferocious
Affixes_Damage II Ferocious
Affixes_Damage III Ferocious
Affixes_Damage IV Savage
Affixes_Damage V Savage Vicious
Affixes_Damage VI Savage
Affixes_Damage VII Grim
Affixes_Damage VIII Grim Bloody
Affixes_Damage IX Malevolent Malevolent
Affixes_CriticalD I Brutal Brutal
Affixes_CriticalD II Brutal
Affixes_CriticalD III Brutal
Affixes_CriticalD IV Wicked
Affixes_CriticalD V Wicked
Affixes_CriticalD VI Wicked
Affixes_CriticalD VII Deadly
Affixes_CriticalD VIII Deadly
Affixes_CriticalD IX Deadly
Affixes_CriticalD X Merciless Dread
Affixes_Defense I Protective Reinforced
Affixes_Defense II Protective Guardian
Affixes_Defense III Vigilant Bastion
Affixes_Defense IV Vigilant Defender
Affixes_Defense V Sentinel Barricade
Affixes_Defense VI Sentinel Reinforced
Affixes_Defense VII Bastion Reinforced
Affixes_Life I Rugged Vigorous
Affixes_Life II Rugged
Affixes_Life III Rugged
Affixes_Life IV Stalwart
Affixes_Life V Stalwart
Affixes_Life VI Stalwart
Affixes_Life VII Resilient
Affixes_Life VIII Resilient Eternal
Affixes_Kings I Noble Majestic
Affixes_Kings II Noble
Affixes_Kings III Noble
Affixes_Kings IV Royal
Affixes_Kings V Royal
Affixes_Kings VI Royal
Affixes_Kings VII Imperial
Affixes_Kings VIII Imperial
Affixes_Kings IX Magnificent
Affixes_Gold I Glittering Greedy
Affixes_Gold II Glittering Gleaming
Affixes_Gold III Glittering Prosperous
Affixes_Gold IV Fortunate Prospecting
Affixes_Gold V Fortunate
Affixes_Gold VI Fortunate Covetous
Affixes_Gold VII Prosperous
Affixes_Gold VIII Prosperous
Affixes_Gold IX Prosperous Gathering
Affixes_Gold X Golden
Affixes_MF I Scouting Exploration
Affixes_MF II Scouting Enterprising
Affixes_MF III Scouting Ransacking, Delving, Exploring, Rummaging
Affixes_MF IV Scouting Raider
Affixes_MF V Ransacking Delving
Affixes_MF VI Ransacking
Affixes_MF VII Ransacking
Affixes_MF VIII Seeking
Affixes_MF IX Seeking Fortunate
Affixes_MF X Seeking Gleaming
Affixes_MF XI Raiding Golden
Affixes_ItemCost I Ornate
Affixes_ItemCost II Elegant
Affixes_ItemCost III Gilded
Affixes_ItemCost IV Baroque
Affixes_ItemCost V Exquisite
Affixes_Fury I Primitive Wolverine
Affixes_Fury II Primitive of ferocity
Affixes_Fury III Fierce Vitriolic
Affixes_Fury IV Fierce Fierce
Affixes_Fury V Fierce Bloodthirsty
Affixes_Fury VI Rabid Rabid
Affixes_Fury VII Rabid sadistic
Affixes_Fury VIII Maniacal malevolent
Affixes_Experience I Adventuring Peerless
Affixes_Experience II Adventuring
Affixes_Experience III Adventuring
Affixes_Experience IV Adventuring
Affixes_Experience V Clever Enterprising
Affixes_Experience VI Clever
Affixes_Experience VII Clever Restless
Affixes_Experience VIII Clever Mentor
Affixes_Experience IX Restless Cunning
Affixes_Experience X Restless Sage
Affixes_Experience XI Restless
Affixes_Experience XII Savvy
Affixes_FireResist I Salamander
Affixes_FireResist II Salamander
Affixes_FireResist III Salamander
Affixes_FireResist IV Salamander
Affixes_FireResist V Charred
Affixes_FireResist VI Charred
Affixes_FireResist VII Charred
Affixes_FireResist VIII Charred
Affixes_FireResist IX Scorched
Affixes_FireResist X Scorched
Affixes_FireResist XI Scorched
Affixes_FireResist XII Infernal
Affixes_ColdResist I Nomadic
Affixes_ColdResist II Nomadic Native
Affixes_ColdResist III Nomadic
Affixes_ColdResist IV Nomadic Clan
Affixes_ColdResist V Sheltering Hearth
Affixes_ColdResist VI Sheltering Frozen
Affixes_ColdResist VII Sheltering Winter
Affixes_ColdResist VIII Thawing Haven
Affixes_ColdResist IX Thawing Winter
Affixes_ColdResist X Thawing Arctic
Affixes_ColdResist XI Thawing
Affixes_ColdResist XII Glacial
Affixes_LightningResist I Silent Grounded
Affixes_LightningResist II Silent Insulated
Affixes_LightningResist III Silent of Revolt
Affixes_LightningResist IV Silent of Turmoil
Affixes_LightningResist V Tranquil Upheavel
Affixes_LightningResist VI Tranquil Mutiny
Affixes_HealthGlobeBonus 4 of Recovery
Affixes_HealthGlobeBonus 5 of Euphoria
Affixes_HealthGlobeBonus 6 of Euphoria of Renewal
Affixes_HealthGlobeBonus 7 of Euphoria
Affixes_HealthGlobeBonus 8 of Euphoria of Fortuity
Affixes_HealthGlobeBonus 9 of Renewal of Vigor
Affixes_HealthGlobeBonus 10 of Renewal of Renewed Life
Affixes_HealthGlobeBonus 11 of Renewal
Affixes_HealthGlobeBonus 12 of Bloodthirst of Recovery
Affixes_UnknownPrefix of Unknown
Affixes_UnknownSuffix of UnknownSuffix
Affixes_RecognizedPrefix of RecognizedPrefix
Affixes_RecognizedSuffix of RecognizedSuffix
Affixes_Gemmed of Special: This is not actually an affix, but is put in front of items that have been socketed with gems.
Affixes_Enchanted of Special: This is not actually an affix, but is put in front of items that have been enchanted.
Affixes_Inferior Weapon Dam 0 Low Quality
Affixes_Inferior Armor Def 0 Low Quality
Affixes_Superior Weapon Superior
Affixes_Superior Armor Superior
Affixes_ResistStun 1 of Insolence
Affixes_ResistRoot 1 of the Sergeant
Affixes_ResistFreeze 1 of Melting of Melting
Affixes_ResistStunRootFreeze 1 of Contempt revolt, contempt, insolence
Affixes_Sockets I Socketed
Affixes_Sockets II Socketed
Affixes_Sockets III Socketed
Affixes_Sockets IV Socketed
Affixes_Sockets V Socketed
Affixes_Sockets VI Socketed
Affixes_Sockets VII Socketed
Affixes_Sockets VIII Socketed
Affixes_Sockets IX Socketed
Affixes_Sockets X Socketed
Affixes_Sockets XI Socketed
Affixes_Sockets XII Socketed
Affixes_Sockets XIII Socketed
Affixes_Sockets XIV Socketed
Affixes_Sockets XV Socketed
Affixes_Sockets XVI Socketed
Affixes_Sockets XVII Socketed
Affixes_Sockets XVIII Socketed
Affixes_Charged Bolt Cast I of Charged Bolt Cast (example)
Affixes_FurySetPoint I of Focus
Affixes_BarbSkill Cleave I Unrelenting
Affixes_WizSkill MagicMissile I Opulant Opulant
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit 1 Fine
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit 2 Fine
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit 3 Fine
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit 4 Fine
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit 5 Fine
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit 6 Fine
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit Dmg 1 Solid
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit Dmg 2 Solid
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit Dmg 3 Solid
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit Dmg 4 Solid
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit Dmg 5 Solid
Affixes_Superior Weapon Crit Dmg 6 Solid
Affixes_Superior Weapon Speed 1 Balanced
Affixes_Superior Weapon Speed 2 Balanced
Affixes_Superior Weapon Speed 3 Balanced
Affixes_Superior Weapon Speed 4 Balanced
Affixes_Superior Weapon Speed 5 Balanced
Affixes_Superior Weapon Speed 6 Balanced
Affixes_Inferior Armor Def 1 Cracked
Affixes_Inferior Armor Def 2 Crude
Affixes_Inferior Armor Def 3 Damaged
Affixes_Superior Weapon MinDmg 1 Exceptional
Affixes_Superior Weapon MinDmg 2 Exceptional
Affixes_Superior Weapon MinDmg 3 Exceptional
Affixes_Superior Weapon MinDmg 4 Exceptional
Affixes_Superior Weapon MinDmg 5 Exceptional
Affixes_Superior Weapon MinDmg 6 Exceptional
Affixes_Superior Weapon MaxDmg 1 Masterwork
Affixes_Superior Weapon MaxDmg 2 Masterwork
Affixes_Superior Weapon MaxDmg 3 Masterwork
Affixes_Superior Weapon MaxDmg 4 Masterwork
Affixes_Superior Weapon MaxDmg 5 Masterwork
Affixes_Superior Weapon MaxDmg 6 Masterwork
Affixes_Superior Armor Def 1 Thick
Affixes_Superior Armor Def 2 Thick
Affixes_Superior Armor Def 3 Thick
Affixes_Superior Armor Def 4 Thick
Affixes_Superior Armor Def 5 Thick
Affixes_Superior Armor Def 6 Thick
Affixes_HolyD 1 of the Angels of Devotion
Affixes_HolyD 2 of the Angels of Humility
Affixes_HolyD 3 of the Angels of Smiting
Affixes_HolyD 4 of the Angels of Humility
Affixes_HolyD 6 of Grace of Sanctity
Affixes_HolyD 5 of the Angels of Humility
Affixes_HolyD 7 of Grace
Affixes_HolyD 8 of Grace
Affixes_HolyD 9 of Grace of Grace
Affixes_HolyD 10 of Smiting
Affixes_HolyD 11 of Smiting of Grace
Affixes_HolyD 12 of Smiting
Affixes_HolyD 13 of Smiting
Affixes_HolyD 14 of the Heavens
Affixes_Att 2 of the Lion
Affixes_Att 3 of the Lion
Affixes_Att 4 of the Lion
Affixes_Att 5 of Invasion
Affixes_Att 6 of Invasion
Affixes_Att 7 of Invasion
Affixes_Att 8 of Invasion
Affixes_Att 9 of Invasion
Affixes_Att 10 of Invasion of the Warlord
Affixes_Att 11 of Invasion
Affixes_Att 12 of Assault of Strife
Affixes_Att 13 of Assault
Affixes_Att 14 of Assault of Assault
Affixes_Att 15 of Assault of Invasion
Affixes_Att 16 of Assault
Affixes_Att 17 of War of Death
Affixes_Prec 2 of the Hawk of Accuracy
Affixes_Prec 3 of the Hawk of Insight
Affixes_Prec 4 of the Hawk
Affixes_Prec 5 of the Hawk
Affixes_Prec 6 of the Hawk of Harm
Affixes_Prec 7 of Cruelty
Affixes_Prec 8 of Cruelty
Affixes_Prec 9 of Cruelty
Affixes_Prec 10 of Cruelty of Precision
Affixes_Prec 11 of Cruelty
Affixes_Prec 12 of Pain of Pain
Affixes_Prec 13 of Pain
Affixes_Prec 14 of Pain
Affixes_Prec 15 of Pain of Cleaving
Affixes_Prec 16 of Pain Evisceration
Affixes_Prec 17 of Torment Obliteration
Affixes_Def 1 of the Sentry Paranoia
Affixes_Def 2 of the Sentry of Evasion
Affixes_Def 3 of the Sentry of the Wary
Affixes_Def 4 of the Sentry
Affixes_Def 5 of the Sentry
Affixes_Def 6 of the Sentry
Affixes_Def 7 of Protection
Affixes_Def 8 of Protection
Affixes_Def 9 of Protection
Affixes_Def 10 of Protection
Affixes_Def 11 of Protection
Affixes_Def 12 of Evasion
Affixes_Def 13 of Evasion
Affixes_Def 14 of Evasion
Affixes_Def 15 of Evasion
Affixes_Def 16 of Evasion
Affixes_Def 17 of the Aegis
Affixes_Life IX Unyielding
Affixes_ProcTest ProcTest
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 1 of Bile
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 2 of Bile
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 3 of Bile
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 4 of Bile
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 5 of the Headhunter
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 6 of the Headhunter
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 7 of the Headhunter of the Dead
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 8 of the Headhunter
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 9 of the Underworld of the Damned
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 10 of the Underworld
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 11 of the Underworld
Affixes_WitchdoctorD 12 of the Damned
Affixes_AttPrec I Cruel
Affixes_AttPrec II Cruel
Affixes_AttPrec III Cruel
Affixes_AttPrec IV Cruel
Affixes_AttPrec V Severe
Affixes_AttPrec VI Severe
Affixes_AttPrec VII Severe
Affixes_AttPrec VIII Severe
Affixes_AttPrec IX Vicious
Affixes_AttPrec X Vicious
Affixes_AttPrec XI Vicious Wicked
Affixes_AttPrec XII Murderous
Affixes_AttDef I Duelling
Affixes_AttDef II Duelling
Affixes_AttDef III Duelling
Affixes_AttDef IV Duelling of the Sergeant
Affixes_AttDef V Champion
Affixes_AttDef VI Champion
Affixes_AttDef VII Champion
Affixes_AttDef VIII Champion
Affixes_AttDef IX Triumphant
Affixes_AttDef X Triumphant
Affixes_AttDef XI Triumphant
Affixes_AttDef XII Paragon Undefeated
Affixes_AttVit I Dauntless
Affixes_AttVit II Dauntless
Affixes_AttVit III Dauntless
Affixes_AttVit IV Dauntless
Affixes_AttVit V Relentless
Affixes_AttVit VI Relentless
Affixes_AttVit VII Relentless
Affixes_AttVit VIII Relentless
Affixes_AttVit IX Bloody
Affixes_AttVit X Bloody Fierce
Affixes_AttVit XI Bloody Ruthless
Affixes_AttVit XII Ruthless Dauntless
Affixes_PrecDef I True
Affixes_PrecDef II True
Affixes_PrecDef III True
Affixes_PrecDef IV True
Affixes_PrecDef V Steadfast
Affixes_PrecDef VI Steadfast
Affixes_PrecDef VII Steadfast
Affixes_PrecDef VIII Steadfast
Affixes_PrecDef IX Worthy
Affixes_PrecDef X Worthy
Affixes_PrecDef XI Worthy
Affixes_PrecDef XII Marvelous
Affixes_DefVit I Proud Vigilante
Affixes_DefVit II Proud Proud
Affixes_DefVit III Proud
Affixes_DefVit IV Proud
Affixes_DefVit V Vaunted
Affixes_DefVit VI Vaunted
Affixes_DefVit VII Vaunted
Affixes_DefVit VIII Vaunted
Affixes_DefVit IX Glorious
Affixes_DefVit X Glorious
Affixes_DefVit XI Glorious
Affixes_DefVit XII Illustrious
Affixes_WizardD 1 of the Owl of Thought
Affixes_WizardD 2 of the Owl
Affixes_WizardD 3 of the Owl
Affixes_WizardD 4 of the Owl
Affixes_WizardD 5 of the Moon
Affixes_WizardD 6 of the Moon
Affixes_WizardD 7 of the Moon of the Mind
Affixes_WizardD 8 of the Moon of Miasma
Affixes_WizardD 9 of the Stars
Affixes_WizardD 10 of the Stars of the Mind
Affixes_WizardD 11 of the Stars of the Owl
Affixes_WizardD 12 of Annihilation of Infinity
Affixes_Skill Barbarian HammeroftheAncients 1 of Demolition
Affixes_Skill Barbarian HammeroftheAncients 2 of Demolition
Affixes_Skill Barbarian HammeroftheAncients 3 of Demolition
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Rend 1 of Evisceration
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Rend 2 of Evisceration
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Rend 3 of Evisceration
Affixes_Skill Barbarian ThreateningShout 1 of anguish
Affixes_Skill Barbarian ThreateningShout 2 of anguish
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Bash 1 of Bruising
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Bash 2 of Bruising
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Bash 3 of Bruising
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Cleave 1 of Sundering
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Cleave 2 of Sundering
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Cleave 3 of Sundering
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Frenzy 1 of the Maniac
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Frenzy 2 of the Maniac
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Frenzy 3 of the Maniac
Affixes_Skill Barbarian GroundStomp 1 of Trampling
Affixes_Skill Barbarian GroundStomp 2 of Trampling
Affixes_Skill Barbarian GroundStomp 3 of Trampling
Affixes_Skill Barbarian IgnorePain 1 of Iron Flesh
Affixes_Skill Barbarian IgnorePain 2 of Iron Flesh
Affixes_Skill Barbarian IgnorePain 3 of Iron Flesh
Affixes_Skill Barbarian WarCry 1 of the Warlord
Affixes_Skill Barbarian WarCry 2 of the Warlord
Affixes_Skill Barbarian WarCry 3 of the Warlord
Affixes_Skill Barbarian AncientSpear 1 of Grappling
Affixes_Skill Barbarian AncientSpear 2 of Grappling
Affixes_Skill Barbarian AncientSpear 3 of Grappling
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Leap 1 of Bounding
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Leap 2 of Bounding
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Leap 3 of Bounding
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Revenge 1 of Vengeance
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Revenge 2 of Vengeance
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Revenge 3 of Vengeance
Affixes_Skill Barbarian WeaponThrow 1 of Hurling of Barrage
Affixes_Skill Barbarian WeaponThrow 2 of Hurling
Affixes_Skill Barbarian WeaponThrow 3 of Hurling
Affixes_Skill Barbarian BattleRage 1 of Rivalry
Affixes_Skill Barbarian BattleRage 2 of Rivalry
Affixes_Skill Barbarian BattleRage 3 of Rivalry
Affixes_Skill Barbarian FuriousCharge 1 of the Rhinoceros
Affixes_Skill Barbarian FuriousCharge 2 of the Rhinoceros
Affixes_Skill Barbarian FuriousCharge 3 of the Rhinoceros
Affixes_Skill Barbarian SeismicSlam 1 of Shattering
Affixes_Skill Barbarian SeismicSlam 2 of Shattering
Affixes_Skill Barbarian SeismicSlam 3 of Shattering
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Overpower 1 of Conquest
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Overpower 2 of Conquest
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Overpower 3 of Conquest
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Sprint 1 of the Swift
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Sprint 2 of the Swift
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Sprint 3 of the Swift
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Whirlwind 1 of Vertigo
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Whirlwind 2 of Vertigo
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Whirlwind 3 of Vertigo
Affixes_Skill Barbarian CalloftheAncients 1 of the Summit
Affixes_Skill Barbarian CalloftheAncients 2 of the Summit
Affixes_Skill Barbarian CalloftheAncients 3 of the Summit
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Earthquake 1 of Tremors
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Earthquake 2 of Tremors
Affixes_Skill Barbarian Earthquake 3 of Tremors
Affixes_Skill Barbarian WrathoftheBerserker 1 of Violence
Affixes_Skill Barbarian WrathoftheBerserker 2 of Violence
Affixes_Skill Barbarian WrathoftheBerserker 3 of Violence
Affixes_Skill Wizard ChargedBolt 1 of Ruin
Affixes_Skill Wizard ChargedBolt 2 of Ruin
Affixes_Skill Wizard ChargedBolt 3 of Ruin
Affixes_Skill Wizard IceArmor 1 of Frostbite
Affixes_Skill Wizard IceArmor 2 of Frostbite
Affixes_Skill Wizard IceArmor 3 of Frostbite
Affixes_Skill Wizard MagicMissile 1 of Evocation
Affixes_Skill Wizard MagicMissile 2 of Evocation
Affixes_Skill Wizard MagicMissile 3 of Evocation
Affixes_Skill Wizard FrostNova 1 of Frostbite
Affixes_Skill Wizard FrostNova 2 of Frostbite
Affixes_Skill Wizard FrostNova 3 of Frostbite
Affixes_Skill Wizard MirrorImage 1 of Reflection
Affixes_Skill Wizard MirrorImage 2 of Reflection
Affixes_Skill Wizard MirrorImage 3 of Reflection
Affixes_Skill Wizard WaveofForce 1 of Ill Will
Affixes_Skill Wizard WaveofForce 2 of Ill Will
Affixes_Skill Wizard WaveofForce 3 of Ill Will
Affixes_Skill Wizard Electrocute 1 of Striking
Affixes_Skill Wizard Electrocute 2 of Striking
Affixes_Skill Wizard Electrocute 3 of Striking
Affixes_Skill Wizard EnergyArmor 1 of Transmutation
Affixes_Skill Wizard EnergyArmor 2 of Transmutation
Affixes_Skill Wizard EnergyArmor 3 of Transmutation
Affixes_Skill Wizard ExplosiveBlast 1 of Detonation
Affixes_Skill Wizard ExplosiveBlast 2 of Detonation
Affixes_Skill Wizard ExplosiveBlast 3 of Detonation
Affixes_Skill Wizard SpectralBlade 1 of Slashing
Affixes_Skill Wizard SpectralBlade 2 of Slashing
Affixes_Skill Wizard SpectralBlade 3 of Slashing
Affixes_Skill Wizard ArcaneOrb 1 of Spheres
Affixes_Skill Wizard ArcaneOrb 2 of Spheres
Affixes_Skill Wizard ArcaneOrb 3 of Spheres
Affixes_Skill Wizard DiamondSkin 1 of the Prism
Affixes_Skill Wizard DiamondSkin 2 of the Prism
Affixes_Skill Wizard DiamondSkin 3 of the Prism
Affixes_Skill Wizard EnergyTwister 1 of Wild Magic