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Strength (Diablo II)

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Were you looking for Strength Rune Word?

Strength increases the physical Damage dealt by a character wielding melee weapons and is a requirement to equip many pieces of Armor and Weapons.

Strength can be increased by certain magical attributes. When Strength bonuses from items are used to equip items, the equipped item will remain on the character, even if the strength-boosting attribute is unequipped. However, in this case, the item will cease to provide its benefits to the character.

Character Attributes
Diablo I Diablo II Diablo III
StrengthDamageHealth Regeneration
DexterityAttack RatingDefenseBlock
MagicManaMana Regeneration
StrengthDamageHealth Regeneration
DexterityAttack RatingDefenseBlock
EnergyManaMana Regeneration
Strength — Armor, Barbarian Damage
Dexterity — Dodge, Demon Hunter & Monk Damage
Intelligence — All Resistances +0.1, Wizard & Witch Doctor Damage
Armor •  Resistances

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