Steeling with Feeling

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Steeling with Feeling
Steeling with Feeling.png
Level up the Blacksmith.
TypeCrafting > Blacksmith
Points20 (cumulative)
Banner Pattern
Banner Pattern - X.png
Achievement Series
← To the Smithy! Iron Heart →

Steeling with Feeling is a Crafting Achievement which requires leveling up the Blacksmith, Haedrig Eamon. This can be done in 5 stages with 12,000 Gold.

Achievement series

Achievement Points Reward Description
To the Smithy!.png To the Smithy! 10 Acquire the Blacksmith.
Steeling with Feeling.png Steeling with Feeling 20 (cumulative) Banner Pattern - X.png Banner Pattern
Level up the Blacksmith.
Iron Heart.png Iron Heart 30 (cumulative) Raise the Blacksmith to level 5.
A Life with Meaning.png A Life with Meaning 40 (cumulative) Banner Sigil - Anvil.png Banner Sigil - Anvil (variant).png Banner Sigil
Raise the Blacksmith to level 10.