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Stamp The Champs

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Stamp The Champs is a Challenges Achievement for killing all of the Champion monster types (with blue names).


Monster Act Location
Rat Caller Act V
Skeletal Crawler Act V
Enraged Phantasm Act V
Maggot Brood Act V
Lashing Creeper Act V
Cave Bat Act V
Boggit Act V
Tusked Bogan Act V
Shrieking Terror Act V
Bogan Trapper Act V
Scarab Act V
Flesh Gorger Act V
Flesh Shaman Act V
Winged Assassin Act V
Exarch Act V
Executioner Act V
Anarch Act V
Primordial Scavenger Act V
Scouring Charger Act V
Scouring Lobber Act V
Corpse Raiser Act V
Vile Bat Act V
Swift Fleshmauler Act V
Death Maiden Act V
Revenant Soldier Act V
Revenant Shield Guard Act V
Revenant Archer Act V
Ghastly Seraph Act V
Vicious Hound Act V