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Stamina represents the player character's physical energy. It is a character attribute that was introduced in Diablo II. Since its inception into the game, the character's ability to run is measured by it. The amount of Stamina a character has depends on his/her Vitality.

It is represented by a yellow bar on the user interface at the bottom of the screen (see image below). Walking does not deplete Stamina. As your character runs, your Stamina decreases. The lower the bar, the more fatigued the player is. When the bar is nearly depleted, the color changes from yellow to red. When the bar is totally depleted, the player must walk and cannot run.

Standing still will restore the Stamina faster than walking. When in town, the bar is not depleted.

Stamina Potions refill the bar entirely. Stamina shrines give the player unlimited Stamina for a short period of time.

The rate of depletion of Stamina depends upon the type of Body Armor you are wearing. Heavy Armor, such as Full Plate Mail, causes more Stamina loss than Light Armor, such as Studded Leather.

The Paladin can increase his Stamina temporarily by the use of the Vigor Aura. Similarly, the Barbarian has the Increased Stamina skill for permanent Stamina increase.

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StrengthDamageHealth Regeneration
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StrengthDamageHealth Regeneration
DexterityAttack RatingDefenseBlock
EnergyManaMana Regeneration
Strength — Armor, Barbarian Damage
Dexterity — Dodge, Demon Hunter & Monk Damage
Intelligence — All Resistances +0.1, Wizard & Witch Doctor Damage
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